Monday, September 15, 2014

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September 15, 2014


Well.. it sad to say but I’m afraid the nice weather is over here in Canada. The weather dropped tremendously and we had to pull out the coats. I only made it one transfer on my mission with out wearing a coat! This last p-day i took my companion to see old MontrĂ©al and apparently a lot of missionaries had the same idea because many were there! A big group of people from St. George Utah were on vacation and saw us and wanted to take pictures of all of us! It was good to see fellow Utahans! 
 We really see so many miracles a day here I feel like I can never count them. All we are so lucky to be in this area harvesting this field right now. A big miracle that happened this week was a part member family who we have been teaching for awhile has really been changing. The mom who is not a member has been sick so we offered the elders to give her a blessing. When we went over with the Elders they told us they had great news and that was that they had stopped smoking and really started the repentance process. She was crying and smiling at the same time and could really just see the atonement working in her. The kids have now started to take the lessons with us and love taking turns praying. I love seeing a family draw closer together as we help them have family prayer and the dad offers a really spiritual prayer. 
 This week we had a really cool opportunity to teach with a sister missionary from France who served here who has been home for three months. She taught some Spanish lessons with us and bore some powerful testimonies at our lessons! We got transfer calls this week and we are both staying =)) The mission is really changing up this transfer with many leaving and 31 missionaries coming in! Every single sister in our zone is training right now its really awesome!! Sister Davis and I are just ready for all of the awesome things to happen this next transfer! I love you all and I hope you do not get washed a way from all the rain!


Soeur Dick

September 8, 2014


This week was such a great week! As I have learned that baptism weeks are the best but also the craziest of your mission specially when its a family! We worked really hard this week trying to get everything ready with the ward and the members so that they could be there to support them! I hit my one year mark this week and I cannot believe its already past me. Missionary work is the best and I wouldn't of rather spent it any other way!
 This week I want to tell you about another amazing family. They are the family whose son was just baptized two months ago in the YSA here. The Dad of the family walked into our chapel a month ago because he wanted to find out more information on this church who had totally changed his sons life from drinking and drugs to a person so converted to God. We have continued to teach him and his wife with their son right along side of them supporting them. They are the most amazing family the spirit i feel when we teach them lessons is just indescribable. I have taught a lot of spiritual people on my mission, but its not necessarily the faith that they have that brings the spirit but its what they do with their faith that makes them so amazing. They take everything we say to heart. When we give them commitments they do them with all the got. We gave them the last talk Thomas S. Monson gave at conference call Love the essence of the gospel. They not only read it, but they sad ever sense then every body they look at they just love them and they now think of everyone as children of God! The gospel is so amazing, but if we do not apply it we are wasting that knowledge that we received and we will loose that knowledge fast with out practicing it. The mom in just a few weeks has almost finished up to Alma in the Book of Mormon and as she came out of church she said I know this is the truth I want to be baptized. It has been such a blessing to teach them and it makes me strive harder every day to be worthy to feel that spirit every time we teach them! 
We had an amazing zone training this week in Montreal to get us ready for a General Authority to come at the end of September. They really talked about having Faith, hope and having it lead to charity. As missionaries we must have a lot of faith and hope to know as we are talking to people that God will place those children that he has prepared before us! 
  Like i said this week was so great and the baptism turned out so wonderful. so many people were able to come even all the young women and young men stopped their activity so that they could come to the baptism and support the young man getting baptized. Sister Alvarez was able to come and give a wonderful talk. We were so thankful for the support of the members because the whole baptism was in Spanish for the family because they cannot speak French and not all the members know Spanish. As the each member of the family got baptized the smiles on their face explained everything they couldn't wipe the smile off. It was a feeling indescribable to see the family enter the waters of baptism! On Sunday they were all confirmed members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I know as they keep following the right path that they can be an eternal family.
I am so thankful for my family and that we can be together forever. Its such a great message to share with others and I invite you to do the same! Have a great week!!!

-Hermana Dick