Friday, August 29, 2014


 My Birthday steak dinner!
 Birthday fun

Birthday nails

August 25, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos!           

This week was a really great week and I had a wonderful birthday! To celebrate my birthday on P-day we took the metro to go to St. Josephs a huge Catholic church in Montreal with Sister Alvarez and Sister Orozco and my birthday surprise Sister May who is now Sherice because she is home from her mission! St. Joseph’s was really neat and crazy to see. They have frère Andrès heart in side the church for everyone to look at they also have huge wood statures of all the original 12 apostles. 
A cute member for my birthday painted my nails with birthday balloons and cakes that smelled like lemon mirange pie. I got to eat steak and potatoes for my birthday and the best part of my birthday was being able to teach lots of people! I love teaching so much even if it’s in two other languages that sometimes seem to make no sense!
This week was really great with receiving referrals. A Spanish family invited another Spanish family over to listen to our message and they really loved it and joined in on the lesson. It turned out that they have Mormon cousins and have heard a lot about us. It was really great to see this Spanish family share the gospel with there friends! We have also been getting like a referral a day from the Spanish elders in Montréal. They have officially decided that we are suppose to learn Spanish with now having 13 Spanish referrals we are just blessed the lord would allows to teach all these people in a language we don’t know. I have learned a lot lately at how simple the gospel is and that just a simple testimony of the church and the book of Mormon can bring a spirit that you can feel so strong. 
I know everyone one is starting school soon so I wish you all lots of luck for this coming year and invite you to share the gospel with as many people as you can I promise you that heavenly father can give you the courage to open your mouth and help your friends find this wonderful gospel. I love you all tons.

-Hermana Dick
 My 3 languages

Me and my new companion Sister Davis

August 18, 2014


Well here it is my last moments of being a teenager! My teenage years have done me well and I cannot be more thankful for the opportunity to spend my birthday here serving the lord!!
  This week it just poured every day and felt like fall. I’m not ready for the cold weather already so hopefully Mother Nature changes her mind! This week we had some really great lessons. Our Spanish lessons are getting better and better and the members are so helpful coming with us to teach! One of my favorite lessons this week and probably my mission was when we were teaching this family from Peru whose son just recently got baptized in the YSA here. There family is so spiritual and the spirit is always strong, but as my amazing companion testified of the plan of salvation and that families can be together again forever I felt like my heart was going to give out the spirit was so strong. The wife told us as she looked down of our diagram of the plan of salvation that she knows what we just taught her is true because a few years back she had a bad accident and she says she had an out of body experience where she could see her body and she says she knows that we have a spirit and that after we die we go to the spirit world. Her testimony was so powerful and helped me strengthen my testimony of the wonderful plan heavenly father has given us! 
 Me and my companion have been trying to ask everyone for baptism dates to help them better work towards that covenant with heavenly father and this week we have had many miracles and were able to have seven people with baptism dates. Its so wonderful to see people earnestly seeking to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized! 
 This week I was reading a talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf called waiting on the road to Damascus and I read something that I loved and I want to share it.

"Often, the answer to our prayer does not come while we’re on our knees but while we’re on our feet serving the Lord and serving those around us. Selfless acts of service and consecration refine our spirits, remove the scales from our spiritual eyes, and open the windows of heaven. By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answer to our own."
Go out and serve!! 
I love you all so much

-Hermana Dick

Monday, August 11, 2014

 My New Companion
 Fun at the Corn Festival

 My new Scripture cover!!

Bonjour Familia

Wow this week was crazy! On Monday and Tuesday we went around to all the members so Sister Alvarez could say her goodbyes to everyone. This ward has fallen in love with this amazing sister with the 9 months she has served her. They were all sad to see her go, but they know she will continue to do amazing things in her mission and life. On Wednesday we headed to Montreal for transfers. There were so many missionaries there because 32 missionaries left the missions and 20 new missionaries came in. The missionaries who were training a new missionary got training from President Patrick. He explained to us with all these missionaries leaving the mission the missionaries that are now coming in are the new generation of the mission so don’t screw it up... ha-ha no pressure ;) All the nervous missionaries came in and they assigned them with their trainer and area. I received SISTER DAVIS from Colorado Springs! The first thing I asked her was is there by any chance you speak any Spanish.. She laughed and said uh.. Hola ha-ha well there you go two gringas teaching Spanish here! My companion is amazing I swear she has served a mission already and president sent her here to train me! Her French is so amazing and we have to convince people that she only just started learning French. These past few transfers I have been praying to be a consecrated missionary and god has answered my prayers by giving me a consecrated companion. She has taken the challenge of learning Spanish and has been memorizing Spanish verbs every second she has. I love the GREENIE fire it’s the best! 
The biggest thing I have learned this week is the gift of tongues! As soon as I was there with my new companion it was like I could understand everything in Spanish and in French. Our first Spanish lesson we just sat there as the spirit taught the lady and she just sobbed and answered back questions we weren't even asking her! 
We called president to ask him if we could have any Spanish material to at least help us learn Spanish with something. He laughed and said yes I was kind of wondering why the spirit was leading me to put two gringas in a Spanish area, but the lord kept directing me to put you both there so it must be for a good reason! It gave us a great push to know that the lord knows we can do our best her!
 On Saturday the ward put on their big activity of the year called the ephuchette de blé d'Inde in other wards a big corn party! They had lots of activities and corn eating. It was a blast and so many members came with there friends! After a full day of it both of our heads and tongues were twisted from speaking so much Spanish and French with everyone. 
I love this mission! Sometimes I really wonder how God knows I can managed to TRAIN in Spanish and French, but I know I’m going through a time where I will be able to learn so much! I love you all so much lots of love from CANADA 

Hermana Dick

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Enjoying Old Montreal in the rain storm.


Wow what a week packed full of way to much adventure for a normal missionary’s life. For our preparation last Monday we went to old Montreal to see all the beautiful sights down there. It was beautiful for sure for what we could see through the blasting rain. There is so much history down there and I felt like I was in a different country.
  A really cool miracle that has been happening for a bit really unfolded this week! This past winter when my companion was on splits with the young single adult sister training leaders in Montréal she contacted a young guy who ended up getting baptized well it happened that after he got baptized he invited his friend to come to church and he ended up getting baptized!! His friends name is Carlos and he is one amazing person he has only been baptized for 2 months, but you would of thought he was already a return missionary. His spirit is so strong and his conversion story of being high on drugs everyday to a Mormon is amazing. His parents have seen this change in him and so his dad a couple weeks ago decided to come to our chapel to check out this place that his son has been so transformed. We were able to set up a meeting with him this past week and we met with him and his wife with their son Carlos. The spirit was so strong and Carlos was able to bear such a great testimony to his parents you could see it touching their hearts. This gave me a lot of hope for all the people that I have taught whose parents were really against it that one day their hearts will be soften and they can one day receive the blessings that their children are receiving.
 For the craziest part of the week the story goes as following! A member had us painting her house and there was a lot of random objects around the house that the spirit kept telling me that it was just really hazard to be around it all. I guess we all have to learn to listen more. Well as my companion was climbing of the ladder she lost her balance a bit and as she stepped back to help her balance a big sheet of glass was there and it broke all over the back of her leg. I could tell by her facial expression that it was No es bueno, as I looked back at her leg it was cut open pretty bad. We tried to clean it up as best as possible, but the environment was not very comfortable, so we left. Unfortunately lots of people made some bad judgment calls so we decided not to go to the hospital and since I’m teaching her to be a tough cowgirl she just toughen up and we went on to teach the rest of our lessons that day. The next day we decided it still wasn't getting better so at 10 pm we ended up going to the hospital in Montréal. Well Canada hospitals are a little different so we had to wait hours to be seen and all the doctor did was ask how long it had been and with it being 24 hours he couldn't put stitches in it so after all that we went home at 2 in the morning for me to play doctor and super glue my companions leg together! It was quite the adventure that I will not forget. 
  The next morning was zone conference and with having little sleep we looked a little like zombies luckily it did not hurt how well I could feel the spirit. This zone conference was so amazing and I know Heavenly Father was doing it to pump the mission up for these amazing missionaries coming in the field. We got transfer calls on Saturday and..... I am TRAINING!!! I am so excited to train a missionary and be able to help kick start this amazing missionary. I am scared as well with training in a Spanish/French area in which I have only been here for 5 1/2 weeks, but I know Heavenly Father knows me lots better then I know my self. I also have been eating lots of Spanish food so that I can hopefully reproduce a Spanish baby that can help me with my Spanish =) we will see on Wednesday who she is. Sister Alvarez is going to the island of Montreal English speaking, back with the missionary who trained her when she got on the mission. She will also be a sister training leader. I am going to miss her so much it’s only been a few weeks together, but it’s amazing how close you come to your companions here. I know we will continue to bless each other’s life in the future! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week.


Mama Dick

Home made tamales and some wonderful Haitian families!

Bonjour Amies!

We started of this week playing soccer with less actives at the church it was a lot of fun and in trade I brought my rope and taught them how to rope. I am trying to turn everyone here into cowboy’s ha-ha. This week we went on splits with the Sister training leaders. I stayed in this area and it was a good experience trying to figure out how to run this area. The Spanish lessons were a bit interesting but I managed to get by with out my crutch Hermana Alvarez. Luckily the spirit speaks every language. This week we have been really focusing on people filling the spirit. We start of the lesson with asking the person what the spirit feels like and how they can feel it. If they don't know we explain and then for example we teach a short restoration lesson and then really take time on Joseph smith and after we recite the verse of what happened to joseph Smith we let the spirit really set in and ask them how they feel. Most the time they say good and help them understand that it’s the spirit. It’s been really great to teach lessons like this lately and fun to be creative. This week we taught a restorations lesson with a Rubik’s cube and Sister Alvarez playing the guitar. 
Another lesson we had this week that I love was an investigator we have been teaching lately lost her neighbor who was close to her. We taught her the plan of salvation and as we testified and taught the plan of salvation the spirit was really strong. I know those people are close by and they are watching over us. I am so thankful for our heavenly fathers plan that he has given us and for Jesus Christ so the plan could be accomplished! 
This morning an awesome Colombian member made us tamales. They were so amazing I have totally converted to the Latino way of eating ha-ha and sometimes the Haitian way as long as I do not have to pull to many fish bones out of it. This week is transfer calls so we will see if Sister Alvarez will stay her with me to make it her 8th transfer in Laval or is she will leave. Half the mission is leaving this transfer, but in the next two transfers we are receiving 45 missionaries 7 sisters this transfer and 11 sisters next transfer. I am so glad to be apart of Gods Army!
Avec amour,

Soeur Dick