Monday, August 11, 2014

Bonjour Familia

Wow this week was crazy! On Monday and Tuesday we went around to all the members so Sister Alvarez could say her goodbyes to everyone. This ward has fallen in love with this amazing sister with the 9 months she has served her. They were all sad to see her go, but they know she will continue to do amazing things in her mission and life. On Wednesday we headed to Montreal for transfers. There were so many missionaries there because 32 missionaries left the missions and 20 new missionaries came in. The missionaries who were training a new missionary got training from President Patrick. He explained to us with all these missionaries leaving the mission the missionaries that are now coming in are the new generation of the mission so don’t screw it up... ha-ha no pressure ;) All the nervous missionaries came in and they assigned them with their trainer and area. I received SISTER DAVIS from Colorado Springs! The first thing I asked her was is there by any chance you speak any Spanish.. She laughed and said uh.. Hola ha-ha well there you go two gringas teaching Spanish here! My companion is amazing I swear she has served a mission already and president sent her here to train me! Her French is so amazing and we have to convince people that she only just started learning French. These past few transfers I have been praying to be a consecrated missionary and god has answered my prayers by giving me a consecrated companion. She has taken the challenge of learning Spanish and has been memorizing Spanish verbs every second she has. I love the GREENIE fire it’s the best! 
The biggest thing I have learned this week is the gift of tongues! As soon as I was there with my new companion it was like I could understand everything in Spanish and in French. Our first Spanish lesson we just sat there as the spirit taught the lady and she just sobbed and answered back questions we weren't even asking her! 
We called president to ask him if we could have any Spanish material to at least help us learn Spanish with something. He laughed and said yes I was kind of wondering why the spirit was leading me to put two gringas in a Spanish area, but the lord kept directing me to put you both there so it must be for a good reason! It gave us a great push to know that the lord knows we can do our best her!
 On Saturday the ward put on their big activity of the year called the ephuchette de blé d'Inde in other wards a big corn party! They had lots of activities and corn eating. It was a blast and so many members came with there friends! After a full day of it both of our heads and tongues were twisted from speaking so much Spanish and French with everyone. 
I love this mission! Sometimes I really wonder how God knows I can managed to TRAIN in Spanish and French, but I know I’m going through a time where I will be able to learn so much! I love you all so much lots of love from CANADA 

Hermana Dick

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