Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bonjour Amies!

We started of this week playing soccer with less actives at the church it was a lot of fun and in trade I brought my rope and taught them how to rope. I am trying to turn everyone here into cowboy’s ha-ha. This week we went on splits with the Sister training leaders. I stayed in this area and it was a good experience trying to figure out how to run this area. The Spanish lessons were a bit interesting but I managed to get by with out my crutch Hermana Alvarez. Luckily the spirit speaks every language. This week we have been really focusing on people filling the spirit. We start of the lesson with asking the person what the spirit feels like and how they can feel it. If they don't know we explain and then for example we teach a short restoration lesson and then really take time on Joseph smith and after we recite the verse of what happened to joseph Smith we let the spirit really set in and ask them how they feel. Most the time they say good and help them understand that it’s the spirit. It’s been really great to teach lessons like this lately and fun to be creative. This week we taught a restorations lesson with a Rubik’s cube and Sister Alvarez playing the guitar. 
Another lesson we had this week that I love was an investigator we have been teaching lately lost her neighbor who was close to her. We taught her the plan of salvation and as we testified and taught the plan of salvation the spirit was really strong. I know those people are close by and they are watching over us. I am so thankful for our heavenly fathers plan that he has given us and for Jesus Christ so the plan could be accomplished! 
This morning an awesome Colombian member made us tamales. They were so amazing I have totally converted to the Latino way of eating ha-ha and sometimes the Haitian way as long as I do not have to pull to many fish bones out of it. This week is transfer calls so we will see if Sister Alvarez will stay her with me to make it her 8th transfer in Laval or is she will leave. Half the mission is leaving this transfer, but in the next two transfers we are receiving 45 missionaries 7 sisters this transfer and 11 sisters next transfer. I am so glad to be apart of Gods Army!
Avec amour,

Soeur Dick

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