Monday, November 17, 2014

 Beautiful Missionaries
 When your companion finds out she only has 3 weeks until she goes home!
 Metro Fun!
 My sweet little convert from Laval

Salut toute le monde!
This week was fun but I feel like I barley remember it because I was barley in my own area! Three times this week I went on splits with sisters in their area. It was really great to see how they do the Lords work and all the great people they teach. Each area is unique in its own way! Sometimes I always feel like the bad guy in other sisters area because the people we teach in there area think that the other sister got transferred and they aren’t happy they didn’t tell them, but they become happy again when I tell them I am only there for a day.
This week we went to Laval to have dinner with the parents I taught there of Carlos a recent convert in our branch. It was so good to see them because I never got to say goodbye. One of the splits I did this week was with the sisters in Laval not my last area but the other sisters in the ward. It was really cool because there are so far up and you can actually see what is a hill they call it a mountain but it is for sure a hill. We also got to go to dinner at the bishop’s house of Laval!
 This past Sunday Carlos a Recent convert got called as our new ward mission leader! It is a really big calling for him but it is going to help him grow so much before his mission. I am so happy I get to work with him.
The snow is back in good Ole Canada and it looks like the North Pole again. We are being dumped on right now and I don’t know when it will stop. You just don’t feel like a Canadian missionary without your big winter coat on.
I love you all

-Sœur Dick

Monday, November 10, 2014

This week was a really great fun week! We did three splits this week and we already start this week with one tonight! I can’t really remember what my bed looks like anymore. This week’s event of the preparation of the Book of Mormon musical was a speech by a professor bushman. He was the editor of the joseph Smith papers. Two of our investigators came and it was a really great speech called “The Perplexing Book of Mormon”. It was more on the history side of it, but I even learned many things about the Book of Mormon that I didn’t know before.
This week in District meeting I gave a training on how to better find people to teach. I love being able to give trainings because I always learn way more then I could ever teach anyone about the subject. Something really cool about this Young single adult branch is how awesome they are at working with their friends to share the gospel. This week we taught a girl who has been coming with a member to our sports night we have every Wednesday. It was a really great lesson and really cool to see the friend bare testimony to her of why he knows this Church is true.
On Friday we were asked to teach the missionary prep class for institute. Our focus was supposed to just be on the restoration when Joseph Smith restored the gospel. We taught out of the scriptures and explained in detail the story and then after wards we were suppose to teach them how they would teach it to their investigators. We decided to ask Sister Alvarez my companion in Laval to come and have her and her companion do a roll play to show the students how to do it. Well they decided to be more effective with their time and bring one of their investigators. The role-play was amazing because it was not even a role play two missionaries were teaching the gospel to an investigator. At the end of the lesson when the spirit was so strong they committed her to baptism on December 13. You should of seen all the mouths of the students they couldn’t believe they were watching what they were watching. We also had a girl there that had just gotten off her mission the day before and she bore a great testimony of missionary work. It was such a great class and we felt so lucky to of been able to testify as the spirit taught!
This weekend was our Stake Conference. We had many meetings on Saturday mainly focusing on missionary work. It is so great how wards will now becoming together to really help the missionaries fulfill the Lord’s work. Meetings are so different in French because it makes you have to pay attention so well so you don’t miss anything. Our stake conference on Sunday was really neat for me! Sister Houde my first companion and her new husband both gave talks on just being married in the temple! It was so great to hear her testimony on that and what the coolest thing was I could understand everything she said compared to a year ago when we were together, I couldn’t understand a thing ha-ha
After the conference I was a really busy day. The son of the parents I was teaching in Laval for months received the Melchezidek priesthood. He has been a member for 6 months and he has progressed so much it’s amazing as well as his parents. It was so cool to have them there to see their son receive that. Then we had to go to a singing practice because all the missionaries in the Montréal stake are required to go to the flash mob practices. There will be a flash mob down town Montréal to help promote our religion in a good way with a bunch of members in the area. After all of that I went on splits with a sister in an area I have heard about since I came on the mission and I figured out why. It is a super cool area! We taught so many awesome Haitians we would just go from door to door teaching all of there recent converts all in the same building! We also had a super cool street contact. We stopped this man on the street and asked him if he was religious. He told us he was and we were able to set up an appointment with him and his whole family and then when we asked him if he had any friends that were interested he gave us a ton! It was so cool to see someone so willing to let us come to teach the gospel!!
I love this work so much and I love the spirit so much. You just can’t describe the feeling of the spirit being so strong with in you! Always strive to have the spirit with you i promise it makes you happier and can help you with any problems! Have a great week!

Sœur Dick

Monday, November 3, 2014

 Baptism of a sweet sister
 My new companion

 Saying goodbye to Laval

I have gone back in time it feels! I am now in the other Young single adult branch in the mission. I feel very Lucky to of had the chance to serve in both the YSA`s here. It was very hard to leave Laval. Laval will forever have a part of my heart. I had some of the fondest memories so far on my mission there. I think the hardest part was leaving my baby there who I trained. She is so strong and is going to rock that area! Her new companion doesn’t speak Spanish but I know she will teach her in no time! My new companion is super awesome. She is El Salvadorian originally and she is from Texas so we connect big time with the country sass. She has been out 17 months so I will be killing her this transfer. She has only been a member of the Church for 3 years and her testimony is amazing!! This new area is so great and never stops! Its a French area most of the members are Spanish speaking so I get to practice my Spanish sometimes and me and my companion usually speak French, Spanish, and English in one sentence. Our transportation is the underground métros here in Montréal. I am not use to them at all there are thousands of people just smushed up against each other in a big train going and stopping fast. It is quite the experience. We work mostly in the mission office it is also our chapel. The people come there and we give them lessons. There is also institute, family home evening, and other activities that go on there that we are involved with. They had a huge Halloween dance that people came from everywhere! I got to see a lot of people from Ottawa there, which was really cool. As sister training leaders we have the responsibility of taking care of all the sisters serving in the French area around Montréal. We have the biggest zone so we are taking care of 10 teams of Sisters! It is no easy task so I have found out so far. This past Saturday all the teams in Montréal were gathered together by president Patrick the stake president and our ward mission leaders. The public affairs in Montréal explained to us the plan they have been coming up with for months. The Book of Mormon Play is coming to Montréal in December. It is a play that mocks Mormon missionaries. They have decided to do some thing’s to help make a better atmosphere in this coming month. One of the big activities they have planned is on November 29 members in each of the teams of missionaries are going to be filming and taking pictures of us all day long and documenting them on Facebook every hour. They are calling it a social media blitz and apparently stakes have done it in the U.S. and it has worked out really well. They want to show people what a missionary actually does from hour to hour. I will keep you posted for more information on how you can follow my day that day. They are also planning a big flash mob that is going to be happening down town Montréal where 100`s of people are going to break out in Christmas hymns! We are really excited about these events that we can promote the Church in a positive way. I really enjoyed Church this Sunday and the members are all really nice. Most of there parents are in the ward I just served in so it makes for easy relationships. We had to leave Church early though because some sisters were having a problem so the rest of the day until just a bit ago i was on an emergency split on the other side of the island. This calling has a lot of responsibility but I hope with time I can get better and better to know how to help these sisters here so they can serve the best they can. This week we have a busy week with two different splits with sisters so it will be lots of fun! I love you all!

-Sœur Dick