Monday, November 17, 2014

Salut toute le monde!
This week was fun but I feel like I barley remember it because I was barley in my own area! Three times this week I went on splits with sisters in their area. It was really great to see how they do the Lords work and all the great people they teach. Each area is unique in its own way! Sometimes I always feel like the bad guy in other sisters area because the people we teach in there area think that the other sister got transferred and they aren’t happy they didn’t tell them, but they become happy again when I tell them I am only there for a day.
This week we went to Laval to have dinner with the parents I taught there of Carlos a recent convert in our branch. It was so good to see them because I never got to say goodbye. One of the splits I did this week was with the sisters in Laval not my last area but the other sisters in the ward. It was really cool because there are so far up and you can actually see what is a hill they call it a mountain but it is for sure a hill. We also got to go to dinner at the bishop’s house of Laval!
 This past Sunday Carlos a Recent convert got called as our new ward mission leader! It is a really big calling for him but it is going to help him grow so much before his mission. I am so happy I get to work with him.
The snow is back in good Ole Canada and it looks like the North Pole again. We are being dumped on right now and I don’t know when it will stop. You just don’t feel like a Canadian missionary without your big winter coat on.
I love you all

-Sœur Dick

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