Friday, August 29, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hola Familia y amigos!           

This week was a really great week and I had a wonderful birthday! To celebrate my birthday on P-day we took the metro to go to St. Josephs a huge Catholic church in Montreal with Sister Alvarez and Sister Orozco and my birthday surprise Sister May who is now Sherice because she is home from her mission! St. Joseph’s was really neat and crazy to see. They have frère Andrès heart in side the church for everyone to look at they also have huge wood statures of all the original 12 apostles. 
A cute member for my birthday painted my nails with birthday balloons and cakes that smelled like lemon mirange pie. I got to eat steak and potatoes for my birthday and the best part of my birthday was being able to teach lots of people! I love teaching so much even if it’s in two other languages that sometimes seem to make no sense!
This week was really great with receiving referrals. A Spanish family invited another Spanish family over to listen to our message and they really loved it and joined in on the lesson. It turned out that they have Mormon cousins and have heard a lot about us. It was really great to see this Spanish family share the gospel with there friends! We have also been getting like a referral a day from the Spanish elders in Montréal. They have officially decided that we are suppose to learn Spanish with now having 13 Spanish referrals we are just blessed the lord would allows to teach all these people in a language we don’t know. I have learned a lot lately at how simple the gospel is and that just a simple testimony of the church and the book of Mormon can bring a spirit that you can feel so strong. 
I know everyone one is starting school soon so I wish you all lots of luck for this coming year and invite you to share the gospel with as many people as you can I promise you that heavenly father can give you the courage to open your mouth and help your friends find this wonderful gospel. I love you all tons.

-Hermana Dick

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