Monday, March 2, 2015

Final Post

18 months. 1 and a half years. 540 days. 12 transfers. Russians, Africans, Iranians, Algerians, Haitians, Colombians.... o yes Canadians. Different cultures everywhere. Welcome to the worlds gathering point. Long days. Fast weeks. Faster months. Before you know it a year gone by. Learning French but only having Spanish investigators. Crying from frustration. Piles of language flash cards. Gift of tongues. Feeling weird speaking English. Stress. Tears. Laughter. Waking up more tired than when you went to bed. Darker circles under your eyes as the time goes by. Spending more time on university campuses then when you were actually in college. Beat boxing at bus stops. I am hot then I'm cold the people on the metro say yes and they say no. Icicles on your face. Checking fingers and toes to see if they are still there. Feeling so grateful for only -14 degree weather. Bonjour! Ugh.. Hello ugh.. Hola? Ugh.. Ok sorry I don't speak your language. 1 pair of tights on 2 pairs of tights on 3 pairs of tights on every pair of tights I own on. Feeling alone when your companion wanders five feet away from you. Finding lost sheep. Reading the Book of Mormon in three different languages and feeling that same burning feeling. Crying as others cry. Finding the best in others. Finding your best friend. Putting others first. Feeling a strong love for random people you see. Being a mom to a newbie on the mish. Feeling so unprepared to train another person. Learning more from them then you could ever teach them. New area, new companion, 2 new languages. Feeling so inadequate to be a leader. Splits. Splits. Splits. Forgetting who your actual companion is. Living out of a suitcase. Phone calls. Numbers. Meetings. Trainings. Funny accents with EH and LO LO. Milk in a bag. All new candy. Maple syrup everything. Poutine. Eating beaver tails. 1st baptism. Last baptism. Seeing the atonement literally working on people. People in shorts in -30 weather. Running! Running in -35 degree weather. Running to catch the bus. Running after the bus. Running after young adults. Runny nose. Running out of time. The routine. Wake up. Pray. Exercise. Shower. Pray. Eat. Pray. Study. Pray. Study more. Pray. Teach. Pray. Teach. Pray. Eat. Pray. Teach more. Pray. Plan. Report. Pray. Sleep. And repeat 540 times. Depending on the spirit. Hastening the work. Getting the members to trust you. Getting yourself to trust in God. Being obedient. Learning the streets better than the people who live there. Talking to everyone. Counting your blessings as you realize just how many you have. Eating everything on your plate even though you want to puke you're so full. Long bike rides your butt becoming one with the seat. Doors slammed in your face. Dogs chasing after you. Feeling the power of your calling and coming to know our Savior more than you ever thought possible.
Words just can't really express the gratitude I have to have been able to serve a mission for my Heavenly Father. I have learned more on my mission than I have in my whole life! I have learned really what is important in this life. I’m so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan that he has given to us. I’m so thankful to of learned how to use the atonement in my life. I really received a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It has become my source for everything and I know it is true with all of my heart. I can't thank you enough for all of your support while I have been here in Canada. It has meant everything to me! I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to meet so many people here and see their lives changing. I know families can be eternal and I’m thankful for my family that has been my examples and my rock. If you don't know this gospel is true if you don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon I beg you to get on your knees and to ask your heavenly father to know what is true because its not worth it to go one day with out knowing those things are true!!! I love you all so much. See you in a couple days.....
-Soeur Dick

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