Monday, September 9, 2013

First Days in the MTC


Its already Monday here at the MTC. The MTC is awesome I really love it! The first day was so hectic because so many things happen and they pretty much try to distract you so that you dont have any second thoughts. I walked into class with what seemed like 50 pounds of French books that they had just given me and the teacher started going off in all french the whole class period. I love my companion so much i really believe that the lord gives you who you need. She is from Mexico and she is going to Montreal Spanish and French speaking. Her parents are the mission presidents of one of the  new Mexico missions she has a very strong testimony and she helps me to be a better missionary. My whole district is really cool there are eight of us total four girls and four boys we are all going to Montreal Canada except one elder who is going to Washington DC French speaking! Weird Huh i never knew that was even a mission. there are four people in my district and they are fluent in spanish and are all going spanish and french. I am the only girl in my district who can't speak Spanish. Its awesome but at the same time they pick up on the french sooo fast because its so similar to Spanish its frustrating but i know i just need to work harder! The one bonus about being around so many Spanish speakers is I have been practicing my Spanish on them like: burrito, taco, nachos and i have now learned how to say cookie in spanish! New spanish speakers have nothing on me! =) One guy in my district is from Park City, Utah so we know a lot of the same people which makes me feel at home. The second counselor in my branch also lives right by the Sundance Stables so that was cool to talk to him about as well. I would like to tell you that the French is coming along so great, but its so hard. I can barley understand what people are saying and there are so many fluent french speakers here that see my name tag and love to see how good my french is which doesn't go so far haha. We have already taught an investigator twice and we are teaching him again tonight the second day in the mtc we taught him talk about having faith!! I was shaking out of my shoes and I even said my own name wrong, but some how we made it through rambling through my notes and scriptures I cant even understand haha. The second time was much better and i know it will just get better from there. So I got a news flash when i first walked into my French class.  Apparently you don't say sister like seeeooorr you say it like Sr. so whats even better then having the last name as Dick, now everyone has to call you as Sr. Dick its pretty lovely. Our district goals included try to not say seour Dick's name with out laughing they haven't succeded yet though. Sadly I have not seen one person I know here they must all be on west campus or totally different schedules than me. I have never prayed so much in my life than I have in the MTC its so awesome these past few days i have been praying so much that i could feel the spirit as much as possible because when your always trying to speak french you feel like your not learning as much about the gospel. Well on Sunday i felt the spirit so strong all the meetings were so great!! They were all on prayer and the spirit was so strong. Sacerment was all in french and they just call two random people to speak when the meeting starts, so you better be prepared and thank heaven i was not called upon!! even though it was all in french I could feel the spirtit so strong!! In relief society when hundreds of girls all in the MTC stood up and sang "Sisters in Zion" i dont know how anyone can keep a dry eye!! The big news of the week probably is are whole branch got interviewed on Sunday to get to know us and then the branch president called me and my companion back in for another interview to tell us he is calling us to be sister training leaders which is the new calling for like sister zone leaders so me and my companion will be over all the sisters in the zone.  There are a lot leaving this week but on Wednesday we are getting 35 new French speakers in our zone!! I am so excited and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father thinks I am up for this challenge!! I just barely got to go to the Provo temple for a session and it was so cool i love the temple so much amd i didn't even know i could love it more as a missionary!

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