Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One More Week!

Une Semaine Plus (one more week)


This is my last week here at the MTC and it’s been so great! I have had the funnest, most spiritual moments ever in my life. On Friday we got our travel plans and I am leaving Monday October 14th at 3:30am from the MTC.  Our plane will leave Salt Lake at 7:30am and fly to Detroit Michigan and then from Michigan to Montreal. There are nine missionaries flying together there from my district and then a Sister and an Elder who are from Calgary Canada who just got her last Wednesday because they already know Spanish and French! NOT fair right??? I’m very excited to head to Canada, but scared to death at the same time. Every time the native French speakers talk to me I just freeze and all the French I know goes right out of my head. On Thursday my district and I had a really neat experience. We went to TRC where you go and talk to members in your language and share a spiritual thought to help your language and teaching skills. Well when we went in the building we held the door open to five people that spoke French. They Ended up being the members we taught in TRC they were all five from Montreal! They were so cool but it was very scary because none of them spoke good English. It was like stepping right into my mission. They were all up here to watch conference live. This week my companion and I got to host new international missionaries coming in. They gave me a sister from Sweden and she spoke very good English, but had an awesome accent. It was really cool to hear about her culture and how her family became Mormon! Sometimes I like to think I can try and speak any language so this week I tried to read Danish Scripters and German scriptures from some elders in my district. They laughed really hard, but to me it sounded like I was hacking up a lung when I read them, which is exactly how they sound!! This other elder from Spain in my zone can’t speak very good English at all so to talk to him I thought I would share him my testimony in Spanish, that my awesome companion taught me how to do. Well it went pretty good until everyone else in the room realized what I was doing and got all quite so they could here me! I got all embarrassed, but he liked that for once he could understand what I was saying!
I hope everyone was able to see conference and if you didn't I really hope you will go on LDS.org and watch it because it was such a great conference! My favorite talk was Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s he really has a great way of speaking. I love what he said about the church would only be perfect if it was ran through perfect people, but Jesus is perfect and his doctrine is as well. Jesus works through us so it’s not perfect. It is so true, people judge the Mormon Church a lot because they know of this one Joe Shmow off the street who was once a Mormon and he did something bad. We are not perfect, but I can testify that this church is true! My favorite saying in his talk was “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”. That is an amazing saying that was really cool to hear because I know that it is so much easier to doubt than to just go on the faith you know! I felt so privileged to be able to watch general conference with every missionary in the Provo MTC surrounding me. I’m so thankful that almost every prayer they gave at conference had bless the missionaries in it because I know those prayers are being answered and we are being blessed. When the congregation stood up and sang called to serve it was so cool to sing it loud and proud with 4000 other missionaries along with everyone else watching conference. After conference was over we had a surprise devotional by Vocal Point they are BYU's famous acappella group. I felt like I was watching Pitch Perfect live it was so cool! This last week in the MTC I’m going to live it up and try and learn as much French as possible! On Tuesday we have a general authority coming to talk to us for a devotional I’m super excited to see who it is and I know it will get me really pumped to go out to Canada!! Have a great week next time I write I will be freezing to death in Montreal.

Soeur Dick

The scripture that I found this week that has helped me is Mosiah 4:9 it talks about man cannot comprehend all that the lord can. This has really helped me a lot this week for myself and for the people I have been teaching. This gospel can be a lot and it can be confusing when we teach our investigators its so much to take in and with our terrible French its hard to even understand what were saying, but I just shared this scripture with them this week that we can not comprehend everything we must have faith and know that we will understand everything someday! I memorized this scripture in French so I can share it the best I can!

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