Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hello everyone!

This week I hit my two-month mark in the mish! I cant believe how fast time goes by its so crazy when you are so busy! This week we did a lot of service projects, which was a good change and a lot of fun. One of them is helping this big garlic farm put water hoses on the garlic, which was really cool and felt more at home for me. We also did our normal service project at Ottawa mission the place where we feed the homeless. It was on Halloween so I went as Sister Houde and she went as me, but It wasn’t very easy trying to do her French accent the whole time ha-ha. This week I had my interview with my mission president. All the missionaries have them every three months. He told Sister Houde that he was really surprised how well I’m doing in this new missionary life, but I tried to explain to him that I’m a really easygoing person! He gave me advice on how I can better myself at street contacting and not be so afraid of it. I’m trying these tactics so will see how it goes. We had zone meeting the next day and it was really neat. Our zone is so big since the new missionary changed happened. The Ottawa zone use to be 14 missionaries and now there is 40! Our zone is pretty big because our mission is so big some of the missionaries had to travel seven hours to make it to zone conference because they live so far away. The zone meeting was a lot on less active members and how we should make it a big importance to help them, so this week we did just that. We went with the senior missionary couple in there car because we don’t have one and we tried to go to a lot of less actives home to visit them. It went pretty well except for the dad that yelled at me and said he was going to chew me up and spit me out Sister Houde was very confused because with her small English vocabulary she didn’t get what he meant.
One of the bigger miracles we saw this week was when we were contacting one night we met an older man who said he had met missionaries before but didn’t seem to interested to meet with us. He gave us his number anyways and we called and made an appointment with him. He showed up and we were talking for a while and we asked him when he met the missionaries before he told us in 2003 and he went on with his story and then says he got baptized and then goes on to a different story. We had to stop him and have him repeat himself we said you got baptized in this church! And he said well yes. Apparently he hasn’t been back to church in awhile because he moved, but after we met with him he was so pumped and ready to be back he told us we had renewed his faith that he had forgotten. He came to church on Sunday and thanked us again for finding him! It was so cool to see that just from street contacting the thing I have a hard time with we can make miracles!!
We have been teaching lots of French lessons lately because we teach so many Africans that would rather hear the gospel in French. Its been helping me speak French a lot. If I don’t speak to Sister Houde in French she tells me she doesn’t understand ha-ha. It’s frustrating sometimes but my French has increased a ton!
I’m getting well fed here because Sister Houde is like this amazing French chef or something. She is always cooking us something that I have never heard of, but it’s always delicious! The bad thing is I go outside and shiver it off one-day I’m going to get use to this cold weather ha ha! I hope everyone has a fabulous week!
Beacoup d'amour!

Sister Dick

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