Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Happy Monday!

I don’t know if the states are cold, but Canada is! This week was very chilly. Most of the week it was at -30 you would go outside and immediately your nose holes would freeze! I have never been in crazier weather. We were waiting for the bus stop this week and Sister Houdes eyelashes were completely white! I may look like the little boy off of the Christmas Story, but I don’t care because I bundle up with as many clothes as I can fit! This next week doesn’t look much better the member we live with told us that it’s suppose to get to -35 with frost bite warnings everyday. On a better note we had the ward Christmas party this week and all the missionaries got up and sang a Christmas carol at the Christmas talent show. It was a lot of fun and the best part was between the eight missionaries in the ward we had 30 non-members there! I finally caved in this week and had my first ever Poutine. Its this Canadian special. It has fries with gravy on top with cheese curds. It was an interesting dish. I ate it, but the whole time I was thinking, okay scratch the gravy where is the fry sauce!!
As a service project we wrapped Christmas presents for charity. It was so much fun and it allows you to feel the real spirit of Christmas when your serving other people just like our savior Jesus Christ did. Taylor our most amazing investigator that I talk about every week came with us to wrap gifts. She expressed to us that she told her parents that she was going to get baptized and her parents told her she wasn't allowed to come home for Christmas. She is going through a lot of hard things right now, her friends are sending her non-Mormon articles, and even her sister mocks her when she calls. On Sunday we asked bishop to have a meeting with her and he was able to give her a blessing. She said she felt so peaceful and felt the spirit so strong. We were so happy for her, but unfortunately five minutes ago we got a text from her saying that her parents are packing her apartment up and moving her back home and she is never coming back here. Sister Houde and I are heart broken because the miracles we have seen with her are unbelievable. I have seen first hand how Heavenly Father prepares his children, and now I have also seen first hand how Satan so badly wants to turn those people that are so close to finding the gospel away. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!


Sister Dick

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