Monday, December 2, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hello Everyone,
This week I hit my third month on the mish and that means my first transfer in the field! We had transfer calls on Saturday and Me and sister Houde are..... Staying! We weren’t surprised because we figured we would be. We were surprised though when they told us our zone is splitting. The Ottawa zone has become to big with 40 missionaries so they split it. All the leaders in our zone got transferred so we have new zone leaders district leader and new sister training leaders. I am very excited for this zones progress. We had a lot of interesting lessons this week. One with a guy from Madagascar he just wanted to bash on the Book of Mormon and every other religion except for him. We had to remind him of his great love for Christ and that if he truly believed in Christ then he wouldn’t being saying this about other people. Its amazing to see even if the spirit is so strong in a lesson if you don’t want to receive the spirit you wont! As Sister Houde and I testified to this man about the love we have for the Book of Mormon and how it can bless your life the spirit was so strong but you could just see the spirit dying right when it got to him. The Highlight of the week was when we went to an appointment and they ended up not being there we were bummed out because it had been like that all day it seemed. We sat on the curb making phone calls and discussing what our next action was. We decided we would go contact some more. The first people we saw were two girls. Sometimes it can be intimidating when there is more then one because no one is willing to stand up for them selves with there friends. We told them who we were and the first girl was very rude and said I am atheist I don’t care to talk. Her friend exclaimed I am Christian i would love to meet with you guys! When we met she told us that she had never had the opportunity to learn about Christianity growing up but she always believed in god. We invited her to a baptism that Saturday. She came and the baptism was all in Chinese, but yet she felt the spirit so strong she started crying! She asked us if she could get baptized! It was so amazing to see people that have the desire to learn more about our heavenly father!
We had a great opportunity to go with a guy in our single adults branch family for dinner. They are from Guatemala he is a very special kid! He knows French, Spanish and English. He isn't able to talk but he is an amazing typer on his Ipad. They fed us lots of yummy Spanish food and we gave them a lesson in English/ French slash very broken Spanish, so hopefully they could understand most of it! I was able to bear my little Spanish testimony my MTC companion taught me and you could tell there eyes lite up even though I only said like three sentences! I love all the cultures I get to know here in Canada!
This week I woke up on Thursday and thought it was Thanksgiving. The member we live with even made us thanksgiving because I told her happy thanksgiving from the US! Later that day someone had to inform me it was next Thursday! Since I have been celebrating Thanksgiving so much with Canada’s Thanksgiving being in October and mine being a week before the US I thought I would say some things I am thankful for!
* The gospel of Jesus Christ
* Heavenly fathers love that everyone can feel if they open their hearts to him
* The Book of Mormon and bible that can always help us in our lives if we just read and apply it!
* My family and all the love and support they give me
* Warm coats, boots, scarfs and gloves to keep me warm!
* My companions French so that i don’t always say the dumbest things to people in French!
* Hot chocolate
* And everyone who is reading this! I love you
I hope that everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving week and hope you all give thanks to heavenly father for what he has given you! Alma 7:23


Sister Dick

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