Friday, January 3, 2014

December 30, 2013


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year. My Christmas as a missionary was so great! We were able to hold our Christmas Eve party and it turned out so well with 20 investigators coming and some less actives. It was the greatest Christmas gift we could of ever received. We were able to spread the spirit of Christmas to people that weren't able to have it. Later that night we went to a family in Gatineau, Québec Sister Houde knows this family from before she was a missionary. The mom is from France so our meal was amazing! I have never had a French meal before so I didn’t know you had to pace your self, but by like the tenth course with desert still on its way I was really wishing someone had notified me on all the courses!! They have to less active sons and we were able to share a great Christmas message on gratitude that I hope touched them in someway. On Christmas we were able to go to the Lybberts home. With being at a French home the night before I was so excited to go there because they are all western! They live on a ranch an hour away from downtown with a bunch of horses. They made me feel like I went home for Christmas. They are such an amazing family and when we shared the new Christmas bible video to them the spirit was so strong because i strongly believe that family is so spiritually in tuned that the spirit could easily be there! This next week is transfer and I am killing my companion off luckily she is not going to far because she actually lives in this mission two hours from here. This week I have been doing a lot of reflecting of my time in the mission field so far and all the things that I have learned so far. My goal now that I'm done being trained is to work as hard as ever. I was lucky enough to have an amazing trainer and now I want to be able to use the knowledge I have received into moving the lords work forward. I am really excited for this New Year coming up. I will be able to spend every day of it as a full time missionary serving my heavenly father. A challenge we have given to all the people we have been teaching lately is set up some goals for this next year that can help you draw closer to your heavenly father. In some way make you more spiritual. We can all do this because of Jesus Christ Atonement. No matter what we have done we can have our slate wiped clean and start over. I would love for all of you to do the same! Have a great week and Bonne annee (Happy New Years)


Sister Dick

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