Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Afternoon!

It’s a good week to be in CANADA! Everyone here was raving about all the Gold they are winning in the Olympics and how they are having American tears for the soup of the day! Canadians are so mean to us Americans here. There is no greater way to start your week off other then taking a trip to the temple and that is what I got to do! Elder and Sister Adams the senior couple that is serving here brought us to Montreal to go to the temple. We did not think that a lot of missionaries would choose this day to go because the next day was transfer day so you would think they would be all home packing but we were so wrong! When we walked into the temple doors there were 40 missionaries there! You could imagine the temple workers were a little stressed. We actually didn't even get to do what we wanted to do at the temple because there was so many people there but it didn't even matter you couldn't wipe the smile off of Sister Olson and i's face. The temple was so pretty and we felt such a wonderful spirit there! We got to teach a lot more this week which is so great because that is what missionaries are suppose to do! We had a zone training this week and got training on lots of good things by our new zone leaders that just came in this past transfer. On Friday the Chinese elders had another Chinese baptism that I got asked to talk in. The Chinese are so strong here and its amazing to here there testimony's about the gospel, but I have decided if I am going to keep getting asked to speak and pray at there baptisms I need to learn more Chinese! Saturday was a crazy day we helped clean the church and then had a really cool lesson with Caleb and his friends that introduced him to the church were on Skype to join in on the lesson. I had never done that before, but it was really cool the members have this adorable eight year old and she just got baptized in August she bore her testimony about her baptism and she shared her favorite scripture out of her quad scriptures that are almost as big as her. After the lesson a member took us to eat at Costco and never in my life had I seen so many people in one place Costco was so packed that you couldn't even walk I started to get Closter phobic. After lunch we went downtown to teach a lesson with Caleb because we wanted him to bear his testimony to this person we have been teaching for a while but is still having a hard time understanding her feelings about the church. We went to the mall to teach the lesson and it was so packed as well. We couldn't find a place to teach because the joys of teaching young adults is you never teach them at their house. As we were crossing the street to go to the mall I had my head down because it was so cold and the wind was blowing it is a terrible habit but anyways I was following Sister Olson and Caleb across the street when all the sudden I had heard this honking nose and I turned and a buss was about to run me over and then all the sudden I was slammed off the street by Caleb. Apparently Caleb and Sister Olson realized fast enough that they were not going to make it across the street and me with having my hood on was not paying good enough attention. Luckily Caleb was paying attention and grabbed me. My heart was racing for a long time but that wasn't the worst of it as soon as we sat down with who we were going to teach they started yelling out all these terrible things about Mormonism. I couldn't even defend my self before they were yelling about something else. My heart started to beat faster and I realized I couldn't handle it anymore I was so Closter phobic with all the people and almost getting ran over by a bus and now this! I started to cry because if anybody knows me they know I can’t get yelled at because it turns into automatic tears! They started to calm down and realized they were being a little harsh! After that we went and helped Taylor move out of her apartment and it helped me realize what I’m really hear for to serve other people and help bring the gospel to those that have been prepared! I love you all and I can feel your prayers for me everyday!


Sister Dick

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