Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy February!

Today is a nice sunny day here in Canada. We even got out of the negatives for the first time in awhile! This week started off a little rough with being my normal self and not very coordinated and pocking my self in the eye with my hot curling iron! For some reason it was too funny for anyone to give me any sympathy. Its not my fault the clippy thing is slippery =) I went to the doctor who is a member here in Ottawa and its just a scratch and a burn under my eye. It feels lots better now but then I couldn’t open my eye and that makes it very hard to teach a lesson! This past Saturday our ward had a baptism for a girl name Julia she is from China and the Chinese elders have been teaching her. She is really awesome and has been coming to church for a while now. I have always sat with her at church and practiced my Chinese on her and she laughs and corrects me. She asked me to give a talk at her baptism and i felt so loved that she would ask me to do that. It was such a great baptism and she brought so many of her Chinese friends that got to see it. At the end she bore her testimony in English and it was the sweetest testimony I had ever heard. She said that she had told people back home that she was about to become a Mormon and people asked her why? She said this is what I told them, when I first came to Ottawa I was very scared because I didn’t know English and I didn’t know Canada very well. School was very hard and I didn’t know what to do then two Mormon missionaries found me on the street and these white boys could speak Chinese! They taught me who God was, and how to pray. When I started to pray I stopped worrying about school and my English. I just had a peaceful feeling that everything will be okay. I am so glad that I can now always pray and have god with me.  The spirit was so strong when she was bearing her testimony and it helped me to realize how important prayer really is and that it can help you form that relationship with your heavenly father. On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and it’s always a really great meeting in the ward because the members bare such great testimonies, but today was really great! Taylor got up there and bore her testimony about her whole conversion story and what she had to do to get baptized. It was so powerful and so natural it was like she had been a member her whole life. She thanked me for coming into her life and showing her the true gospel. I thought my heart was going to burst from the joy that I felt. She told me this week if she would be able to prepare to go on a mission because she really wants to go. I told her it’s never too early to prepare to go on a mission. Its crazy to think by helping her I will have helped so many just by her going on a mission and helping so many people! The Holy Ghost is truly the teacher when we are in lessons I’m blown away from the knowledge that recent converts have because they are so in tuned with the spirit. The spirit is able to teach you so much and allows you to retain so much information. This week we are having a big training with all the missionaries in Ottawa and President Patrick. I am very excited because President Patrick announced today that we are having one of the 12 apostles come and talk to us on March 22! There has also been some crazy news about the mission splitting or something because it was announced on that Canada Montreal is getting a new mission president and President Patrick has only been here for 7 months. Only time will tell with this crazy news. Today we were able to go to the winter Lude is a big festival thing here in Ottawa and it’s really neat there are lots of ice sculptures you can look at. It’s also a great place to talk to people because everyone asks us about our tags. It’s amazing how many people know who we are! Have a great week!


Sister Dick

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