Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I had another fantastic baptism week. This week was really great and even better weather! Sister Olson and I were able to meet with lots of people, and we also got to give a training to our district this week about how to be optimistic and have hope. It was really great and helped us realize how fun missionary work really is and that we must always be hopeful in our work. On Friday the sisters we live with were cooking caramel for their wards pot luck and Sister Gerday open the can of boiling caramel and it splattered on her face her companion Sister Zelaya shoved her face under cold water and had to peel the hot caramel off her face. It was pretty scary but she recovering well with only a few burns on her hands and face. Ultimately this weekend was the best out of everything. Caleb's baptism was on Saturday and it’s a baptism I will never forget! We have been working with Caleb for a long time on getting him able to tell his parents about his choice to be baptized. After many spiritual messages and pep talks he was able to tell them. Like I said they were not happy. They went back and forth this past week in the decision of coming to his baptism or not. They finally made the decision that they would come as long as no missionaries would talk to them or as they referred to as "keep the dogs away" Sister Olson and I were pretty nervous that something would go wrong. Many people showed up for his baptism even from his hometown, which is 2 hours away. The spirit was so strong; the strongest I have ever felt at a baptism. What was really cool was when Caleb was getting dressed we had a testimony meeting and people were able to bear their testimony’s if they wanted to. Sister Zelaya and Sister Gerdays less active member and his daughter came. He went up and bore his testimony about how he went to bible school and found the church and its not an easy rode but it’s worth it. The testimony was really good, but it wasn’t anything mind blowing, but to our investigator who came it was really great because she had gone to the same bible school. After the baptism they were able to talk and he was able to answer all her questions from her side of view. Caleb’s parents stayed and many members talked to them it was so great to see that his parents came and supported him! Sunday was even more amazing many people that we have been teaching came to church. Caleb received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Arzaan received the priesthood. These are both amazing gifts that our Heavenly Father has given to us! After church I got to do something that I never thought I would get to do. All sister missionaries were invited to attend the Ottawa stake fireside. We were kind of confused why we were invited but by the time we walked out of the meeting we knew exactly why we needed to be there. The entire meeting was focused on hastening the work. Which has been the topic in many meetings lately, but this one was done so well. A recent convert of 6 months talked who that night had just been announced worthy to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. He spoke of his conversion and the joy that he has in his life now I couldn’t help but shed a tear as he described what he had been looking for. A young man talked about how he has been going out with the missionaries and how the youth can help hasten the work. A member of the stake presidency talked about missionary work and how its not just about baptisms but also about less actives he shared a really cool talk about how a bishop was reluctant to ask a less active to talk in church, but how it made people realize he was a lost sheep. Then the Stake President asked Sister Gerday and sister Zelayas less active member who was the one who bore his testimony at Caleb’s baptism to come up there and bare his testimony. He had us look right and look left and then close our eyes and picture who is not here but who you would like to be there. He said brothers and sisters I was that lost sheep after many, many sister missionaries who came to our house we have come back. He complimented Sister Gerday and sister Zelaya for not giving up on his family. The spirit was so strong I looked up to see our mission president, President Patrick sobbing as he was baring his testimony that the sweet sister missionaries spirit touched his heart. President Patrick got up next and shared that at the last mission president conference he went to President Anderson told the mission presidents that the ARMY of sister missionaries would come out and be able to touch the hearts of stubborn men. He laughed and said I’m so happy to see that come true. That meeting was one I will never forgot, and there was no doubt it was a priesthood meeting when we walked in to the gym for refreshments there were only a couple bowls of potato chips on the tables... boys =) I felt like nothing could get rid of the spirit that I was feeling last night until our district leader called to tell us that a recent convert that I had met when I first got to the mission had emailed his bishop and decided to take his name of the church records. I was devastated... I had looked up to him so much of being only a recent convert of a couple months. This only testified to me stronger of the importance of finding those lost sheep of never allowing sheep to be lost. It is so important in these days to keep your testimony strong and help others with theirs as well. My mission is a roller coaster of emotions but I know if we didn’t have the tough times we couldn’t enjoy the good times. I am excited for this week of getting prepared to get to see an apostle! Today for p-day I lined the elders shoes up to polish them so that they look good for the apostles... Elders need a little help sometimes! =) I hope that everyone has a fantastic week I love you all!

-Sister Dick 

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