Monday, March 10, 2014


Spring is in reach. This week the weather was a lot better! It’s still not warm, but it’s almost out of the negatives which means the Canadians are taking their coats off! This week was really good it started off with going on splits with the sister training leaders. Sister Wright and I stayed hear in Ottawa and tackled the young single adults while sister Olson went to Québec. I showed her how to be a missionary young single adult style and it was really fun. We street contacted a lot in a blizzard and caught snowflakes with our tongues. I am sure the people we talked to thought we were crazy doing this in the snow, but we didn't care! We had another zone training this week with the whole Ottawa zone. I think President Patrick is getting us ready for the Apostle to come March 22. We found out today that it will be Neil L. Anderson! We are very excited for that. We have institute going at all three university campuses so we are having fun taking people we teach to those. It’s so great that the church is getting in to schools now to help spread the gospel. We have been helping our investigator Arzaan prepare for his baptism this week. It was this past Saturday and it was so amazing. There were so many people there it was unbelievable. He had invited everyone he knew. He even picked up an investigator of the elders and brought him to his own baptism. He was so excited and so was Elder Adams the senior missionary in the ward who baptized him. We went to the church three hours early to feel the font and Elder Adams was already there feeling the font with hot water by the time the baptism started Elder Adams had made him self a hot tub! Elder Adams cried through the whole baptism because he has come and helped with almost all of the lessons we have taught him. It’s so great to have a senior couple in the ward. On Sunday at church he received the Holy Ghost and it was very special. He came in his brand new suit looking all nice and no one could wipe the smile off his face. Sister Olson and I taught Relief Society on Faith and Repentance. It was really good and the spirit was so strong many people came up to us and thanked us for bringing such a strong spirit. Caleb passed his baptism interview and we will be having his baptism this Saturday! He has been struggling with telling his parents that he wanted to be baptized, but finally on Sunday he was able to find the strength through many prayers to tell them. They are not totally happy about it, but that was to be expected and they even might come to it! I hope they do because the spirit they would be able to feel if they came would be so strong and they would be able to hear their son’s testimony of the church. Caleb has such a strong testimony of the church its amazing I know he will be able to blow them away with it. I feel so blessed to be in this area with all these amazing people. I really feel like I have not even done that much with these two because the members are doing it all! We have had a fun P-day today we were able to go to an Indian place for lunch with our district and then to Parliament of Canada and go inside. It was really neat I felt like I was in a castle from hundreds of years ago. I wish you all a great week!

Sister Dick

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