Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Love Ottawa!!


It sounds like you received some of the left overs of winter as well this week it snowed a couple times pretty good which was depressing but today it is a gorgeous day so no more complaining =). This week was a good week lots of people wanted to say goodbye to Sister Olson. It was sad saying goodbye to all of them with her because us as a companionship have seen so many miracles with them. A couple of cool things that happened these weeks were, Caleb got to go to the temple and he really liked it! It was cool to see the smile on his face from it. Arzaan got to pass the sacrament this week. He did such a good job at it to. A less active member that I have been helping since I got her in Ottawa invited her friend to meet us and come to church. We have been teaching her for a little bit now and she came to church last week and choir and she is now singing a solo in sacrament for Easter. It was really neat how the ward just welcomed her right in just like she had been a member of the ward for a long time. Of course the biggest thing that happened this week though was TRANSFER CALLS! It was a weird transfer call because we got it in the middle of the General Women’s meeting that was broadcast from Salt Lake City. I had totally forgotten about transfers when we got the phone call. Sister Olson looked at me and we ran into another room in the church that was already being occupied by the sisters we live with they were crying so I new one of them was leaving. They Told Sister Olson that she was being transferred to Great Falls Montana with the companion of her choice. I have heard that line before and it sounds like I will hear it again because I AM STAYING and my new companion is Sister Verdin who is almost done with her mission so it looks like this will be the third sister I kill off the mission! I was so surprised to be getting another older missionary. I have no Idea why Heavenly Father has blessed me so much with giving me these experienced missionaries so I could learn so much from them! Sister Verdin is from Mexico and she is like 4ft nothing. So I am now Hermana Dick who gets to eat LOTS of Mexican food yah! I will never learn how to cook =) Sister Verdin trained Sister Zelaya, and Sister Gerday who are the two sisters I live with so I have heard about Sister Verdin for 6 months now but I never thought that I would get to be companions with her. We were right about one of the sisters that we live with leaving. It is Sister Zelaya I have been with her since I got to Canada we have lived with each other for 6 months. I found out that in Canada its common law when you live with someone for 6 months so I told her that means I Have free reign over all her clothes now, but she didn't agree for some reason! It’s so great the friendships that you form her on your mission. I am so sad that Sister Olson is leaving me, but she is going to do such amazing things in her life. She has been the best companion anyone could ever ask for and I have learned so much from her! This week I have been studying a lot in the New Testament a commitment from Elder Andersen. it has helped me gain an even stronger testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I don't think I will ever understand it fully but the more I do learn about it truly humbles me to know that our Savior Jesus Christ lives! I hope you are all excited for general conference like I am! I know that all your questions you have can be answered by listening to our leaders! Have a great week ,lots of love from Canada

-Sister Dick

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