Tuesday, May 6, 2014


How cool is it to spend this day with a real Mexican.... Super cool ha-ha and it gives us a great excuse to eat lots of Mexican food!! This week was just another great week in the city of Ottawa. In Canada you get all the seasons in intense ways, so it has been raining lots here. This week was Sister Verdin’s birthday and we went out to eat yummy food with the Adams. The Adams have been taking us around Ottawa trying to find Less active members and this week we have had a lot more success with it! We stopped by this one girls house and she was finally home she welcomed her in and we taught a short lesson on faith. We set up a ride for her to take her to church the next day and she came and even bore her testimony about how we answered her prayers because she has been really wanting to come back to church but just to shy to ask for help. I love fast and testimony meeting here the young single adults are so awesome here there is never a quite moment someone is always up there baring such a spirit filled testimony. We also had a really great relief society lesson on prayer. The Relief society president said she had something else planned but felt really impressed to talk about the power of prayer she really involved all of the sisters there and discussed how people have answered our prayers and how we can be an answer to other peoples. at the end she had us write down a name that we did not see there that week and to contact them this week. It was really cool to see how many experiences people have had with answers to their prayers. I have had a couple of cool experiences of people saying that we have been an answer to their prayers. I believe that you can be an answer to a lot of people’s prayer if you will seek those opportunities. Pray and ask Heavenly Father how you can help other people and then be in tune with the spirit so you can act. Next week we don’t have church in the ward because they let the young adults go to their family ward for mothers day so I am really hoping I don't get transferred because I wont get to see any of them next week if I do. Everyone keeps telling me that I am leaving but I am convinced that I am staying here.... well that’s just what I am really hoping for! Sister Houde came this week and it was good to catch up with her. Sister Houde couldn't believe I had hit eight months yesterday because she says she feels like she just barely picked me up yesterday to start my mission. This week we had a really intense zone meeting talking about the mission’s goals of changing our direction from less active work to convert baptisms. It was really cool to see the affect of getting people to church in our mission 1 out of the 4 people that come to church get baptized. The key is just getting people to come to church! We have also still been reading the Book of Mormon with people with our 50 day challenge and it has been really cool to hear the members response on their reading. I know that I have learned and read things that I never even knew were in that amazing blue book! I hope you all have a wonderful week and all the mothers out there have a great and happy mothers day!

Sister Dick

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