Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother's Day


There is not to much to say this week because I got the awesome opportunity to talk to my family over Skype yesterday for mothers day. That was so awesome and I hope everyone had an amazing mothers day. This week the weather has been gorgeous no coats all week. We have been able to do a couple of service projects like putting pipe to water a garlic farm, Cleaning a park with a couple of other faiths in Ottawa, The soup kitchen and Cleaning the church. Its so great to be out in this wonderful weather doing service. We had some unfortunate luck with everyone canceling this week. We thought it was some kind of curse because we would have days where everything would cancel, but the good thing is there is always something to do with missionary work! The young single adult ward I am in did not have a service yesterday because of mothers day so we had to go to the family ward and it was so weird there were babies crying and there were old people ha-ha jk but really it was weird being in a family ward I have been to use to my young adult ward!
Transfer calls were this past week and I am STAYING for my 6th transfer and Killing my 3rd companion =) I could not be happier though this area is amazing and I love the people here so much. Ottawa is being all mixed around with missionaries. In August we are loosing 1/3 of our entire mission because with the age change they all came out and now they will all be leaving. President is getting ready for it i am sure. I am excited to see what this next transfer has in store for me. I wish you luck and lots of love this week

-Sister Dick

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