Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone, now that a lot of people are graduated its officially summer. I remember this first day of summer when I was back home. It would be the first day where you would be in school but its now summer and you are lying on the couch like this is awesome no school and just as you are thinking to yourself i could get use to this! Your mom well always my mom at least would crush your reality and say get up! Just because its summer doesn't mean you are going to lay around all day go clean your room or something. Well if you have already got that discussion with your mother my condolences. My summer this year will be tons different I am sure because i get to spend it all on the mission! Its starting to get really toasty here with humidity. Last P-day we got to go to the Canadian Mint where we got to see how Canada prints their money it was really cool! Something crazy that happened this week was one of the people we were trying to pass of to the sisters in the family ward was beaten up by a drug gang because they told her she owes her money, so yesterday we had to get her to a shelter, but she has a cat, so we had to take the cat to a members house to watch it for a bit and the cat was so mean it was hissing at us the whole time and wanting to bite us i was about to crawl out the window!! Luckily we got the cat to a safe home and this lady!
  The whole ward had lots of fun stories about going to Palmira NY last week. One of my recent converts was able to go and it was really cool to hear that he had seen the first book of Mormon, the Sacred Grove, Hill Comorah and all the cool things of when the church was first restored. He also got to go to the temple for the first time and had a really awesome time! I imagine that place is really spirit filled and helps you gain a stronger testimony. I got to go on splits again this week with the Sister Training leaders in Gatineau Quebec and try to speak French. It was a really fun day because we helped a less active and non-member move. We had great interaction with them and it was one good work out going down three flights of stairs with couches, cupboards, and tables! We got a flat tire some how on the sisters car this week and I had to search my brain for all the times I sat on the side of the road just watching my dad change the tire instead of helping. Some how with Gods help he managed to get all four sister missionaries to be able to change a tire!
I believe the coolest thing that happened this week was Saturday and Sunday was a Canada wide stake conference broadcast which was broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah. We were able to listen to Elder Holland, Elder Eyring, Linda K. Burton, and a member of the seventy it was so cool getting to here them talk directly to the saints in Canada! Some of my favorite parts were from Elder Holland’s talk on Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his unfailing help.
Having this great knowledge of our savior can help us help other people! We can find the most joy when we are serving other people. Elder Holland stated, "No matter where we are in life young or old: Come unto him." Jesus wants us to follow him! By following him our sorrows and pains can be lifted from us. He says "the church is not a museum to show off perfect people, but like a hospital where you can come and get well." We can help people that are suffering from spiritual sicknesses. We can heal those old wounds and build their testimony's back up.
I am so thankful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it. I have never been so happy then I am now helping other people with their pains. Forget yourself and think of others and I promise you will find yourself happier then ever! I hope you all have a great start to your summer!
-Sister Dick

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