Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

I know I know you thought I got stolen, or just didn’t want to talk to you guys anymore, but the truth is we had an amazing Zone Conference yesterday, so our preparation day got changed to today! This week was another great week! Full of lots of sunshine. Our YSA activity this week was water balloon Volley ball a couple people that we teach came and it was lots of fun. We even got Elder Adams the senior couple Elder with a full bucket of water. On Wednesday I hit my half way mark WHAT??? That’s right I am on the down hill slope. I don’t know how this happened, but time just goes by way to fast! I am excited to see what this next half of my mission has to offer. 
A miracle that happened this week was we contacted this person on our way home from church one day. She is in her 20's white girl with red hair, but she told us she was from Africa. We asked her how she was from Africa and she told us that her parents moved there because her dad wanted to preach the bible to the people in Africa. It took him 2 years to learn their language and now he is translating the bible into their language. It was super cool to hear her stories! I asked her if they had built a church over there and this is what shocked me. She said o no we haven’t been able to build one yet we have only two converts so far. This just floored me! This girl had to be in her 20's and so for at least 20 years her family has been over there preaching the gospel in Africa and they only have converted two people. The spirit whispered to me right then that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is true. I have only been in Canada for 9 months and i have been able to see 3 people be baptized and in Canada people are not as open to the gospel. I have only been out here for 9 months and I can speak French! I know that we could not help these people in the world come unto Christ with out the spirit and with out this church being true. Even with 85,000 missionaries I know that we would barley have any success. 
A couple weeks ago Sister Verdin and I were at a store about to meet with someone and someone yelled over to us and said Hey sisters! I am Mormon, but I haven’t been to church since my Grandpa died when I was little. We got his number and now a couple weeks later we were able to meet with him this past week. We met with him and his wife and his cute little 6-month-old boy. His wife was very interested in learning more and they want there boy to be baptized some day. We will pass them off to the family ward elders this week but it was super awesome to be apart of it. 
On Saturday we the missionaries were aloud to go to this Stake Broadway that the Ottawa put on. All sorts of people members and member’s friends put on a free Broadway of lots of different shows. It was so fun and such a great missionary tool for them to invite their friends out to!
The zone conference we had yesterday was so fantastic and it was so great to have such amazing trainings from our mission president. I learned so much from all of them and felt so pumped to keep contacting people to find those that god has prepared. The lunch they served at it was by this cute French man form Québec. It was such amazing food and there were about 15 different kinds of cheeses you could choose to spread on your bread. I was so confused I had never seen so many cheeses in my life. I love you all so much and I hope your week is a good one!!

Love, Sister Dick

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