Monday, July 7, 2014

Another crazy crazy week of trying to get to know a new area, two new languages, eat heap fulls of Haitian food, and how to tackle little children while teaching a spiritual lesson. This week started of with a huge heat wave! We kept waking up in puddles of our own sweat because our apartment it just a sauna. On Tuesday we were teaching at a members home in Spanish and even though my comprehension is little in Spanish I could understand Hermana Alvarez when she complemented all the fans they had in the house. I started laughing because you know it’s hot when you compliment someone’s ordinary fan on their ceiling. Well thanks to Hermana Alvarez great compliments the members told us that they had an extra air conditioner and asked it we wanted it. They are such a sweet family they came to install it immediately in our apartment as sister Alvarez served them her special aguapanela with lemon (Colombian lemonade.) We got to go to the Mission office in Montreal and have zone training. It was really good and I felt like I had never seen any of those missionaries before because I have been in Ottawa so long. It did not feel like the 4th of July her, but my awesome Colombian companion cooked me a hot dog to celebrate the birth of the US and my 10-month mark on the mission.  We have had to really organize or selves to this huge area without having a car. We walk so much its crazy but a blessing as well because it allows us to meet people on the street. This week we are going to steal the elders bikes that they never use to try to get around everywhere a little bit faster and keep praying that we will get our car back sometime. We realized it was a sad day the other day when every one of our phone calls went something like this:
Hola (hello)
Como esta (how are you)
Triste (sad)
Por que! (why)
Colombia... (Colombia)

It’s all-good though we cheered our sad Colombian friends up from a bad loss at the world cup soccer with a great spiritual message! 
 A miracle this week... well there were just to many to count but this one is pretty awesome because member missionary work is the best. Susan was at a alcoholic meeting and a member of the church raised her had and started talking about home teaching. That person later asked Susan for a ride home from that meeting. During the ride home Susan asked her what home teaching was and the friends response it the best!! She said well I have some "friends" for you to meet that can answer that question. Well we are her friends!! Susan is so awesome and really open for the gospel. She loves church and the love she feels around member.
We had many progressing investigators who have baptism dates come to church this Saturday and they all really loved it. We asked one of them after if he liked church and he loved it so much that he wanted to get baptized the next day. We had to tell him he still has things to learn so he settled for July 19. We have three really awesome people planned to get baptized on the 19th of July.  It’s so awesome to see these people change. 
On Saturday we had this hilarious member come and teach with us and with out having a car in this huge area the members fill bad and drive us to our next appointment well this member kept volunteering to keep teaching with us every time she would drive us to a next appointment. On Sunday she got up and bore her testimony on the Sister missionaries tying her up an kidnapping her to come teaching with us. She said but its all okay because they told me I would be blessed and I felt the spirit really strong and the people we taught fed her a sandwich. She is such a crack up I love the members here so much and my amazing companion! There is nothing better then serving the lord with your two best friends by your side the spirit and Sister Alvarez. Sister Alvarez is so mindful she even gives me a good laugh and all of subway. We finished teaching a lesson this week in subway and she said she had to run to the bathroom real quick I was sitting down outside of the bathroom waiting for her and I looked up to see her walking across subway with her entire back of her skirt tucked in. She looked back at me with a horrified look like something was wrong. My expression was as if I was seeing a hallucination and then we both got smacked back to reality and she tried pulling it out as fast as possible while running around to hide behind the drink machine. I was crying and laughing so hard we couldn't even look at each other and then I looked up to see a lady tell her Madame, Madame your juipe (skirt) it still wasn't out all the way. She grabbed our things and said we are leaving now!! I couldn't stop laughing and her pride is still pretty broken but I love her!! 
I hope you all have a great week! Love ya 

-Soeur Dick 

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