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June 30 2014 Posted late, mom was out of town

Bonjour!!!! Aloha...

Where do I even begin with this crazy week! Well I guess I can start from the beginning. Goodbyes were so hard and not fun at all. I have never done goodbyes on my mission before now, but everyone would always tell me how hard they are and they were right. I was able to leave Dow's Lake on a very high note by seeing a Chinese baptism. I have seen him be taught by the Chinese elders since Christmas and he has grown so much in the gospel and his baptism was so special. The spirit was so strong especially when he bore his testimony about gaining a testimony about God and that he knew joseph smith restored the gospel. 
Packing was interesting when you have been in the same area for so long. I'm pretty sure the zone leaders eyes couldn't of gotten any bigger or there back's any sorer when they helped us take our bags to the bus station. Sister Verdin and me were the only ones who took the three-hour bus ride to Montreal. Everyone else rode up in cars. When we got there my new zone leaders met me there one of them being my last district leader and he confidently jerked my bags off the side walk breaking all four wheels off of them. It was funny and it was even funnier when he realized he would now have to carry the back straining bag to the car now! We arrived at the mission home and it was so great to see all these missionaries I have not seen since I arrived in the mission because i have been isolated in Ottawa. My new companion Sister Alvarez was there to pick me up. She told me the great news that she had gotten in a crash the week before so we had no car at the moment. We had to get into the other sisters car and stack luggage on top of us. Luckily we do not live to far from MontrĂ©al. 
My first impression of this new area was oh my goodness I have been transferred to Columbia... I woke up to my Columbian companion cooking me a Colombian breakfast and our first ten lessons were only in Spanish to all Colombian people. This area has a LOT of Spanish in it and with the world cup going on and Colombian doing good everyone just drives around waving their big Columbian flags honking their horns its crazy ha-ha. 
 Our big miracle this week was with this Columbian family. Last week Sister Alvarez contacted this girl at a grocery store because she has this like secret combination with being able to spot Columbian people from like a mile a way and she yells hey are you Columbian!!! Anyways the girl was not interested in the gospel and said she already had a good religion. That Sunday she came to church with a less active member. It is cool to see how member missionary work is so much more effective. The first night I got here they invited us over to eat and She was there with her three kids. We taught... Sister Alvarez taught a wonderful Spanish lesson and i just had a big smile on my face. We have been able to teach them many lessons this week and even committed them for baptism. They are an amazing family and were all able to come to church this past Sunday! 
We have had a lot of work cut out for us this week because they closed the Elders area here and gave it to us and with no car we have been doing a LOT of walking. I have never walked so much in my life and especially in this warm weather. It has become so hot and humid here this week we walk out of the apartment and we are already sweating a ton. 
Church was a lot of fun and I already love the members here so much and I have already gotten use to everyone coming up and kissing you on each cheek. I think it makes the ward so friendly and close. At church I luckily only told one person on accident that I was not happy to be in this new ward. Its really cool to be in this ward because its the ward next to my trainer Sister Houde, so they all know her and I feel like I get at least ten brownie points when I tell them that she trained me on my mission. All the people she talked about the three months I was with her I now have met personally! 
 No one believes that I am American I have to convince them that I am from Utah. They all think I look Italian or Lebanese. It’s so fun to be in a family ward with all of the cute kids running around. There French is hard to understand sometimes and I have never agreed that women talk to fast until I went to relief society. They were talking so fast that If someone told me it wasn't French I would of totally believed them! I know my French and Spanish will get better over time though and I feel like it already has just in the week I have been immersed in it. I can now bare a better testimony in Spanish and for the first time in my life i had someone clap after my testimony because she though it was so cute that I could say a few sentences in Spanish. 
  My companion is so amazing and its excited to be at the exact same spot in our missions. I am so excited for this wonderful transfer that lays ahead of us! I love you, J t'aime, te amo!
-       Soeur Dick 

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