Monday, July 21, 2014

Hola Amigos!!

Another amazing week has past me in this wonderful place of Laval. This week was a really great week. This Saturday we have two people we are teaching getting baptized!! Woot Woot they are really amazing people and we have been preparing them lots this week. One is from Iran and he has been studying with the missionaries on and off for a year now but never good at committing. We were able to have some really spiritual lessons with him this week that answered his prayers exactly. The other one is a 16 year old girl from Haiti she has been studying with the missionaries on and off for a little bit, but not until just recently being invited to attend girls camp did she feel the spirit really strongly and we were able to commit her for baptism. Just in the past week I have seen the Lord prepare them for their baptism it is a really cool sight. 
One day this week we got ourselves in a major food bind. Sister Alvarez cooked us this big Colombian meal and then we went to visit a member for their birthday and they are Colombian so they fed us a big Colombian meal by then I was so full, but the worst was yet to come when we went to a less active Colombian house.... seeing the trend here.. =) they plopped this huge Colombian meal on our plates and my stomach was screaming at me and I looked to sister Alvarez with a horrified look and she said her usually response to anything I have from her country "YOUR WELCOME" =)  The Sister must have noticed my reluctant eating because on the way back she was giggling asking us if we had eaten before we got there!
No one needs to worry about all these Haitian and Spanish meals getting me down because.... we are now the owners of 10 year old, extremely used, elders bikes!! Yes that’s right we are bike missionaries now. We bike everywhere and when it’s to far we hitch our bikes to the bus. I have only crashed once and I was able to gather myself up pretty quickly before to many people seen my skirt over my head. Thank goodness for spandex because riding a bike in a skirt is a talent… that I am still trying to master ha-ha. 
We had our three-month interviews with the mission president this week and it went really well. He told me he has a new name for me and that is: The serial killer because I have killed my last three companions. I had to break it to him that the whole mission already calls me that. It was great to get comforting words from him on not understanding everything these people say with their strong accent because it took him a long time.
At church this Sunday they asked the new missionaries of the ward to bare their testimonies. Its kind of nerve racking in the first place to bare your testimony to a big family ward, but in another language is a whole other level, but as always the spirit guides and I was able to give my two-minute testimony some how. 
I love being a missionary so much and seeing first hand people changing their lives for the gospel. There is not greater joy then serving heavenly fathers children!!

-Hermana Dick

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