Monday, July 21, 2014


WOW what a week! This week was full of lots of different adventures preparing for two BAPTISMS we had this past weekend. =) Luckily we got a phone call at the start of the week that said the car mechanic felt bad for us walking and biking in such a big area so he decided to fix it and deal with the insurance company later. We were very thankful for this in such a crazy week. I haven’t driven very much these past 2 years because I have been living on the bus, so driving was a bit interesting at first, but I’m getting it down now. 
 Since I arrived here we have taught this awesome Colombian family with a mom and three kids. They are so prepared for the gospel and the kids just soak up every lesson that we teach them. We have tried to be creative with all of our lessons for the kids so one lesson we taught the kids the plan of salvation with them in their pool and us throwing different size balls for the different kingdoms another time we taught agency with Jenga, the ten commandments with hand signs and today we are teaching obedience with Simon Says. It makes it really fun for them and they always remember everything we teach them. What was really cool though was this week we committed them for baptism for September 6. They all committed to that date. On Sunday when they came to church the little girl told her mom that she wanted to get baptized right now and that she didn't want to wait. They are such an amazing family! 
A family invited us over to their house for dinner this week whose daughter just returned from the St. George mission. I have heard so much about this Sister because before she could go to Utah she was a Visa waiter in this mission for a couple months, so Sister Houde my trainer trained her in Dows Lake. It was so great to talk to her all about Ottawa, Sister Houde, and St. George. 
The greatest part of this week no doubt was our two awesome baptisms on Saturday. We put a lot of effort into preparing for these two baptisms. It is a lot of different preparations for a family ward baptism. Mark got baptized and he asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. I was a bit nervous to give a talk in front of most the ward and so many missionaries because my French is still not the best. Luckily by the gift of tongues I managed to get by and apparently they understood me because people said they enjoyed it. 
The bishop baptized Christina as well and her baptism was really special as well. All the missionaries that have taught her were able to come and we sang a song at her baptism. Both of the baptisms turned out so well and it really hit me with how much i already love this ward so much.
On Sunday sacrament started and mark was there, but Christiana wasn't. Time kept ticking and Mark received the gift of the holy ghost and Christina was still not there! This is like a missionaries all time worst fear. We kept looking at the doors and looking at the family whose son was picking her up for church. She finally walked in after the sacrament was given and she was able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Mark told us after church that he has felt lighter then air every since he was baptized. NO one could wipe the smile of Christina’s face it was so great to see such amazing people take that step closer to Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for Heavenly father trusting us to teach his amazing children so they could progress towards him. We see so many miracles everyday we can't even count them. We should all look more for the little things in life to really see all that God has given us! Lots of Love from Canada EH!

Avec amour,

Sœur Dick

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