Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

I survived a really cold week in Canada! This week was supa cold!! Its when you try to find every pair of tights you own and your still cold. This week started of a little rough on Monday we went to one of the university’s here to a guys apartment whose information we had received through a media referral. He was really nice but when we introduced the Book of Mormon he wasn't too nice any more and started really lecturing us about how it was so wrong. We tried to do our best with testifying but it was going anywhere. I wish he would of at least opened up the book and just tried to read it because I know you can really fill the spirit of the Book of Mormon when trying. It just so happened the next day everyone I contacted seem to reject our message it didn't seem like we could do anything to get anyone to listen to us, but I know that if we didn't have rejection we would realize the miracle with contacting either. This week I had one of my favorite contacting experiences we got on the metro and when I looked across the metro I saw this younger guy and I felt the spirit touch me to talk to him so I told my companion that we needed to go sit over there. I started talking to him and he said that is so crazy your missionaries I have been praying every night. He gave me his number and is really interested to learn more. It was really cool to have an experience where you feel the spirit to do something you do it and you immediately see why you needed to do it. 
We had two good splits this week with some awesome sisters who are working so hard in their areas! I got to go to one area where they teach mostly Haitian people it was a lot of fun because I really love Haitians. They are so down to earth! We had a baptism this week WOOT WOOT His name is Josue and he is actually from Haiti but has been living here for a little bit to go to school. He is really great and has so much faith. At first we didn't know if the baptism was going to go down with no lights in the baptism font, no vent, no plug to keep the water, and both Sister Arriaga and I cutting our toes in the process by almost making the baptismal font look like the red sea! In the end he was baptized after waiting for a while because we might of gotten the font water too hot. I think we were trying to compensate from the temperature outside. The cool thing was Sister Rios; my last companion was able to Skype in and give her testimony at the baptism. On Sunday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was really great! We also had two members to church and we were able to talk to them at set up lessons with them! Member missionary work is so much more affective we have been finding lots of potentials lately but most of them we have to pass off to other missionaries because they are too old for YSA or they speak English. We did talk to this one older man this week and gave him our card. When we called him to see if we could have a lesson with him he told us that later that same day he saw us other missionaries contacted him and gave him a Book of Mormon and he has been reading it ever since! 
I hope you all have a great week lots of love from Canada

-Soeur Dick

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