Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19 2015

 Como están! 
This week I started my week off with splitting with some sisters who are in a Spanish area. I love Spanish people so much! They have the sweetest spirits unfortunately the way they show their love is by FOOD. We were fed four Dinner appointments I thought I was going to die!! I was in a food coma for sure but some how I managed to make it home with out my companion rolling me back home! We had an awesome zone training this past week about contacting. The zone leaders really helped us with our vision and WHY we find people and then my companion and me did training on HOW we find people. We were able to do these really cool role-plays of contacting and working with members that will hopefully really help our zone be even better! 

Since I have gotten to this area I have wanted to go and try and find people by the university here because it worked so well in Ottawa. Well, this week we were able to go and check it out the university here are a lot different and packed into the city. We walked into this building that looked like an old chapel and we said a little prayer asking heavenly father if we could just find one person after that the first person we saw I asked him what building this was and he told us and we got talking about where we are from and why we are here. We were able to sit down with him and explain our purpose and give him a Book of Mormon. It was a really neat experience and i am excited to continually use the university here! 

This weekend with had this big YSA conference that our YSA put on for Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and some states to come to. We helped a lot with setting up and getting things ready for it. On one of the days we got to do a missionary workshop where people would come and we would teach them on how they can be better member missionaries. The best was on Sunday when our entire chapel was filled for testimony meeting! The spirit was really strong and I got to translate to one of my recent converts from Ottawa who doesn't speak French. 
This week we have been able to have some lessons with potentials we have contacted on the metros and we were able to teach this really awesome guy from India. We taught him the restoration and the next lesson watched the restoration movie with him. The spirit was really strong and he really enjoyed it. Its amazing to see how different his culture is but how the gospel can touch anyone!
I got some really awesome news this week from our ward mission leader and that was that his parents who I taught in Laval are going to get baptized January 31st. I was so excited I was jumping up and down. They are the most amazing people and I'm so happy for them and for Carlos our ward mission leader to see them as a family move forward in the gospel.  
We had transfer calls this week and I am staying here with my amazing companion for my last transfer! I cannot believe it has already come. I’m excited to live it up and have amazing miracles everyday!

I love you all

-Hermana Dick

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