Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

Salut lo lo!!

Start of the transfer started off pretty smoothly we didn't have any planned splits this week but we had an emergency split and the start and that went well for me as for my companion she was stuck in a snow bank for a couple hours but luckily found someone to push them out! We had an awesome stake meeting with us the zone leaders and the president of the Montréal stake. We got to tell him how awesome our stake and zone is doing and that as a stake alone we almost reached our missions goal for baptisms in a month. He is a really great stake president and is really helping this stake hasten the work! 
We had many potential lessons this week which is always fun! Sister Arriaga and I are getting really good and tell people our purpose and the restoration lesson! A couple weeks ago I talked to a man in the apple store as I was doing my emails he found out I was American so he started with the major American football talk this poor man didn't know I have not seen a football game in 18 months and couldn't even give a good guess who was going to the super bowl this year but I played a long with it. I gave him our card and didn't think much of it. Well this week he called us and wanted to meet. We were able to sit down with him and have  a great discussion on the Book of Mormon. I also had to really dig through my brain to some of the football conversations with my brother (thank you Kendall) My Danish companion could only comment on the o ya I love football I think I have seen it once! 
We have an Indian investigator that is progressing and he was able to come to a fireside held at a member’s house. It went really well and it was cool to see him be able to make friends. 
This week we start our many splits for this transfer so my companion and me say our goodbyes ha-ha jk but sometimes I feel like I never see her. 
This week in my reading of the Book of Mormon I read in Alma 40’s and love Alma so much I look up to him so much in my missionary work. He was not perfect but with him being in 20 percent of the Book of Mormon we can see that anyone can change and help 1,000 change their lives! 33,000 other Christian religions use and interpret the bible but I am so glad that we have the Book of Mormon with the bible to really know what our heavenly father has in store for us! I love you all tons Bonne Semaine!!

-Soeur Dick

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