Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014


I’m still alive!! I survived one big snow storm this week. I thought it was never going to stop it just kept going for days and days! You have to hold on to your belongings and your companion because they very easily get stuck in a snow bank! This week was sad and happy it is always hard to say goodbye to a companion going home. I have done it four times now and its never easy, but it is also so cool to see all the amazing things that they have accomplished on their mission. Sister Rios is such an amazing missionary and I'm so happy i got to spend her last transfer together. She strengthened my testimony with her strong conversion. 
I picked up my new companion on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Arriaga and she is from Denmark, but her dad is from Spain so she has a wicked Spanish accent. She has been out one transfer less then me, but she has been in her first area for the whole time! nine transfers and only two companions. She was in the country, country the capital of Poutine so she is trying to get use to this busy down town stuff! She is a crack up and we never stop laughing she usually has the whole metro cart cracking up and no one can trick her because she knows so many languages. I am excited to help this area grow and grow with her!
As missionaries we have all been really focusing on the "he is the gift" as missionaries we have hand out cards to give everyone to see the awesome video! We try to give out as many as we can a day and we keep running out. Its such a great conversation starter to talk about Christ and the real celebration of Christmas. We have been getting some good potential people to teach through this contacting. 
This week we had our awesome investigator come teaching with us and he did such a great job. He was testifying about how he know this church is true and how he knows he can communicate with his father and heaven. He brought such a great spirit to the lesson with his testimony and it was cool for our less active to see someone who isn't even a member yet with a great testimony. We also got to teach a less active this week that i have heard about since I was first with my trainer Sister Houde because it is her best friend! It was so cool to meet with her and help her! 
This past Sunday i gave a talk in our branch. Giving a talk is one thing but doing it in another language is another thing! I gave my talk on becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and by having the five principle of Jesus Christ faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end we can become his disciples. 
This week we are going to have a busy week because my companion and me have training at our Christmas zone training. I wish you all a happy week and snow from us to you!

Love, Sister Dick

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