Monday, December 1, 2014

November 24 2014


Firstly I want to apologize for my short email last week I had quit the distraction with a drunk guy on one side and a lady on the other side questioning me why latter day saint people were stocking here because she sees them everywhere and she has told us on Facebook she doesn’t want us following her! Anyway this week was another crazy one of course always filled with adventure! This week i got to do some exchanges with sisters in my own area so i was able to better understand this area and the people we teach. I even managed to not get us lost on the metros. This week we helped put on a big dodge ball tournament for our branch and a lot of non-member and less actives it was a really good turn out. We met with our mission president and branch president to help see how the wards and branches in the stakes could better their missionary work. It is really cool to see how the work is hastening in each unit here. We had a girl in our ward do a mini mission with us this past weekend. She was our third companion and we showed her what a real mission is like.  She did so awesome and it was so great to have a third companion testifying along side of us.
This Sunday the announced that my last ward I served in got split into a ward and branch. I was sad to hear they are splitting all of those wonderful members up but so cool to see how that ward is growing and growing!  Next week we have our zones conference and my companion and me are giving a 40-minute training on how Jesus Christ can enable us. We have been studying up and preparing for that this past week. It has been so great to see how the atonement can carry our investigators and us on this journey.  I am nervous to give my first training with President Patrick and the assistants but I know that if we go by the spirit we cant go wrong. I am excited for this next week tomorrow I get to go on splits with my last area Laval. I will be great to see everyone and see their progress. We also have the big media blitz this Saturday so don’t forget to check my Facebook all day Saturday! I love you all so much and wish you all a great week

-Soeur Dick

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