Monday, December 15, 2014

December 8, 2014

Last week of the transfer flew by packed with activities! We finished our last two exchanges with our last two teams this week. The first one we were sent on a scavenger hunt on one of the universities here trying to find a referral we received. I’m getting pretty good at getting into all the dorms around here! The second one I went on was on my 15th month mark and I got to spend it with my MTC companion and another sister we came in with! I was in the area of my first companion Sister Houde she had us over for breakfast and we got to help her set up a family mission plan with her and her husband. This week I had my first mission leadership council. This is where all the zone leaders, Sister Training Leaders, The assistants to the president and President Patrick get together and council for what this mission needs and then come up with a plan of what to train on for the next zone training. It was really cool to be apart of and we got to plan all the Christmas things going on. As most of you might know the church has come out with the "he is the gift" with the video, the banner on YouTube, the banner in new york city, and the he is the gift give away cards. We have been able to get them in English, French, and Spanish and have been a great contacting tool! With this being Sister Rios last week everyone has been feeding us, which is weird in young single adult wards. I have never had so much poutine! One of the ways we have been finding new investigators is calling some of our potentials on our list. We called this one number and asked for the guy and she said he had died last month we testified of the plan of salvation and how families can be together forever and if she would be interested to learn more. she said yes and we were able to meet with her. She is really awesome and has been searching for churches because she wants to be baptized but she hasn’t found the right one! This past Saturday was the flash mob that the Montréal stakes did. We started at the stake center here practicing and getting into groups. They had certain groups at a time ride the metro to this big shopping center here in Montréal. They had all the groups stationed in different areas we were to act as normal as possible until one girl started singing coming down the escalator and then 6 men started to join her until one group started and then the next until we were all singing and moving in to the middle of the center. It was super cool and sounded amazing! It was so great to spread the real Christmas spirit. there were cameras and go pros every where to get it on film after it ended we all had cards to hand out to people telling them to find the video on line. it will be ready on the 13th and you can see it by liking the Montréal stake on FB! Transfer calls were on Saturday and I’m staying and receiving Sister Ariaga she is from Denmark but half Spaniard so she can speak Spanish! I’m excited to work with her in this awesome area! I love you all so much and I’m so thankful to have you all with your support. Always remember the true meaning of Christmas!

-Sister Dick

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