Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello Family and friends!          

Wow what a week! This week was a really crazy fun week here in Montreal. It seems like so much went on and then when I look back I’m confused what week it is. I started this week off with going on splits with the LAVAL sisters my last area! I went with Sister Hinkson my old companions new companion. It was so cool to be able to go back to my old area and see people that I love so much! Those sisters are doing such an amazing job in that area it is amazing to see how an area can just keep growing every day. My favorite part of the split was to go to the parents of Carlos our ward mission leader in here in YSA and teach them about temples. I have taught them from the beginning and I love them so much. Of course the spirit was stronger then ever in the lesson as always with them. I love talking about temples and all the blessings of them. They are preparing to get baptized in the next little bit and in a year from January go to the temple for their 30th anniversary and be sealed for time and all eternity! It is so cool to see the gospel blessing a family life!! After the splits the Laval sisters spent the night with us for zone conference in the morning. Sister Rios and I had our training and we were a bit nervous doing it in front of 50 missionaries and President, but it went really well. President gave us a broad topic of how can the Savior enable us as missionaries. We decided to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We teach these everyday to our people, but are we doing these things that we teach. There was a really great spirit there and I really hope people got something out of it. We have such an amazing calling as a missionary and we need to do our best to lean on the Savior in all ways that we can so that we can help others do the same thing! Sister Rios and I were quit relieved after that was finished! After all the trainings at zone conference they had the missionaries going home go and bare their testimony. Sister Rios testimony was out of this world! She is only a convert of two years and her testimony of the gospel that she was able to find was so cool! She testified of wanting to find someone on her mission that loved the gospel so much just like she did when she joined the church and that she had found Carlos who loves the gospel and is so engaged and the neat thing was Carlos came to the zone conference at the last second and was able to hear her bare here testimony.  
Every week we do a sports night at the gym of our chapel and it seems like every week more and more non members come it is really cool way to find and talk to people that are not members and all ready have member friends plus Sister Rios is also a sucker for soccer so we get to play it together! 
It was American thanksgiving this week of course meaning Canadians have no idea ha-ha. Luckily the amazing senior couple here in the branch put on a big thanksgiving dinner and invited us and some other Americans to join! It was so great to have a delicious thanksgiving dinner American style! 
As some of you saw on Saturday we had the media blitz where different members followed us around all day to take pictures and flood Facebook with what real Mormon missionaries do an a daily basis. It was a really great time and fun to have the members with us all day long! Sunday was branch conference and we sang in our choir for sacrament it was a really great meeting with the stake presidency there. After church one of our branch missionaries held a fireside at his house for just investigators, less actives and their fellowships. We had dinner and then two special guests who told their conversion story. It was a really cool activity to help the people we teach. Weeks go by to fast and this is Sister Rios last one we get transfer calls this week so we are going to live it up with only two more splits left!! 
I’m so thankful for this calling and this ability to teach what I believe in. This gospel is the true gospel on the earth. I know that everyone’s life will be blessed by it if they will just begin to ask heavenly father! I love you all

-Soeur DIck

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