Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!

Its turkey day today here in Canada. That’s right they cant wait to celebrate it in November so they have it in early October. The sad part is these Quebecers don`t seem to even celebrate the holiday no good sales on turkey or cranberry sauce or stuffing! One year ago this Wednesday I flew in to Canada on Thanksgiving Day! I am like a real Canadian now eh! 
This week was different because we ended up having lots of different service projects for different members or investigators. I love being able to do service projects to show our love for the people as well as teaching them love. 
  A cool service project we got to do was to decorate the gym for my first companions wedding sister Houde. I had to laugh at my self a couple times thinking back to the time we spent together talking about random subjects and I can never remember anytime that we asked each other what do you want your wedding to be like and her being like hmmm I want real live tree branches hanging from the ceiling, but if she did say that I guess I didn’t hear her because that’s what we did we were hanging real live tree branches from the ceiling and putting real live gold fish in mason jars for a center piece on tables it was just one big live wedding ha-ha. 
On Friday we had a really awesome zone training to help us better study the things we were taught at our last zone conference with Elder Carlson from the 70. He told President Patrick that we are the most obedient and spiritual mission he has ever visited. It was super great to hear that from someone like him. In zone training we really focused on how Jesus Christ leads and how we can follow his example. We are trying to work on planning more in detail so that we can get the trust from heavenly father to put people into our path. I love the story in John 21 where Jesus ask peter 3 times do you love me... then feed my sheep. We in times of wondering why in the world are people still doing something when we have told them and explained to them to feed my sheep give them love just like Jesus always showed love to people. Love can soften peoples hearts it’s the essence of the gospel as explained by Thomas s. Monson in last Aprils conference. 
After zone training I had to change our tire because after the 4th time of being flat these past two months it is done for! Good thing God always prepares and I could remember how it was done from changing one in Ottawa one time. When we took it into the garage they wanted to put our snow tires on so we had to get our snow tires off our balcony. We had quit the adventure as we chucked them of the balcony to the grass. President Patrick allowed us to go to Sister Houdes wedding and it was really great. She looked so gorgeous and happy. Sometimes though I’m not going to lie I felt like I was having a dream as I looked at one of my companions in a wedding dress kissing a boy I was thinking to myself noooo Sister Houde what are you doing in a wedding dress with a boy! I got the great opportunity of seeing all of my recent converts from Ottawa the senior couple I love dearly and a lot of other people from my old area in Ottawa! President Patrick was able to come, as well to support one of his missionaries it was really neat for her! 
This week we will be preparing for a baptism for a 12-year-old girl we have been teaching and who has been receiving the missionary lessons since 2009. It is so great to see someone have such a strong testimony at that age! I hope you all have a great week and happy thanks giving from Canada! I am so thankful for all of you!!

-Soeur Dick

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