Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Winter is getting close here in the great land of Québec and I have learned to not mess around with winter here. We went out and got my companion the warmest coat we could find! I don't want her to become a popsicle. We have still been walking lots this week and with the cold weather i received plantar fasciitis, so now I have to wear my tennis shoes its quit the classy getup. This week we got to see a less active from Argentina and he had such a strong accent from there my companion turned to me and asked what language he was speaking ha-ha thank goodness for the gift of tongues! We were eating lunch with a member and she told us something terrible happened in Ottawa so i called the Adams in my last area and they told me that a shooting had happened at parliament in Ottawa and 12 elders were now hiding out in their apartment. It is so scary when things like that happen but I hope it helps that area to see life is so short. We had interviews with president this week and it is always so great to talk to him. He told me a funny joke that I have not heard yet. He said do you know what Nephi’s horse is named and I said no.. And he said, “Be unto you” and do you know how I know that?  Because he clearly states many times in the Book of Mormon WOAH! Be Unto You!
The ward had a really cool Halloween party for kids this week and we had two families that are investigating the church come to it! It was so cool for them to interact with the ward more. 
We always seem to have interesting meals here but this week we were eating at a family’s house and another person asked what kind of meat we were eating and she says cow tongue. I kept my cool and looked over at my companion as she was downing the meal. I could tell she didn't understand what they said so after I asked her if she knew what she ate she of course didn't but after I told her I think she brushed her teeth ten times ha-ha. 
On Saturday we got our transfer calls and... I am leaving this area to go down town Montreal to the other young single adult ward there as a sister training leader for the Montréal zone. I am really excited for this new calling, but very sad at the same time. This area has been so good to me and I can never recall all the miracles that I had here. As a Sister Training Leader, me and my companion, Sister Rios from Texas but originally from El Salvador will take care of the needs of the Sisters here in Montreal. It is the biggest zone in the mission and it has around 14 sisters in it. We will also have the opportunity to have trainings from President Patrick and give trainings to the zone and zone trainings. I feel so blessed that the lord has given me this opportunity to be a leader in this mission and I hope that I can serve them well. It was so hard to say good-bye to everyone on Sunday one of our investigators was crying all through church. You really learn to love these people sooo much. The one good thing though is this area is in my zone so I will be able to go on splits here to see everyone! My companion will stay here and receive a sister who has been out 6 months but knows no Spanish. She is going to be an awesome teacher to her and these people here in Laval I trust her so much and I know she will do awesome! I love you all so much 

-Soeur Dick

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