Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Happy October!                                         

I hope you were enlightened as much as I was by the wonderful conference addresses we were able to hear by our amazing leaders of the church! 
This week was a really good week it started off a little rough by hearing one of my recent converts had lost his testimony of the church. Its never fun to hear that when your memories are so fond of him having such a strong testimony of the gospel. I do know that everything happens for a reason and things like this can strengthen you. I have been praying a lot lately on why and how I can help this. I came to find something that heavenly father has been teaching me for a long time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. That’s that its simple The Gospel of Jesus Christ is: Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, The gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. If we knew and applied only these things we can return back to our heavenly father. The other things in the gospel are amazing and they help us a lot, but even if a person didn't even know the Plan of Salvation, but knew this they would be okay. I came to find that teaching these principles are those most important that help these people understand that and always exercising them everyday. If you don’t keep exercising your muscles everyday they are going to go away if you don’t keep exercising your testimony on the gospel or the Book of Mormon it is going to go away! I know you can have questions just like soooo many of our leaders said this weekend this church was restored on a humble prayer because he had a question! We must go to the right source for our questions though at that is our heavenly father have the patience to speak to him and LISTEN. 
 This week we were able to have five new Spanish speaking investigators. They are all so great and all come from different back grounds. They are from Chili, Mexico and Colombia. 
The family from Mexico was so amazing they just sat down and said we are all ears! When we testified about families being together forever they were amazed and said how do you know that!! The lady from Chili had a dog when we came to her house it would not stop barking and believe me it is hard to hear Spanish over noise and it is really hard to hear Chilean accents, but as soon as we started with a prayer the Dog stopped barking all the way through the lesson until we ended with a prayer and then it continued barking it was amazing. 
  I loved Conference so much it was so amazing to hear from our devoted leaders of the church. I came in with some questions and it felt like the first session wasn't even over and they were almost all answered. I love how conference can be directed to every individual of the world. One of my goals this conference was to be prepared for it. I have been preparing for a month by reading lots of conference talks and pondering on questions. It was amazing as they talked and read scriptures I kept finding myself saying o wow I just read that scripture today or last week I know exactly what they are talking about. It was cool to see how much you can really get out of conference even though for so long as a kid I thought I was bonus Sunday where you got to stay in PJ’s and pretend like you were watching the television when mom passed by =) I guess we all learn someday. Our Spanish investigators just loved when the two elders came on and gave their talks in Spanish! It was so cool for them to hear them directly in their native tongue.  I loved all of the personal revelation talks and how we should listen and apply the things prophet teaches us. If you didn't get the chance to see conference please go and watch it! The last cool thing of the week was I got news that an investigator that I was teaching in Ottawa is getting baptized. It was so cool to hear that she continued her progression in the church and is now getting baptized! 

I love you all so much!!

-Hermana Dick

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